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10 Witchy Bookish Items to Make Your Life Magical

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Carolina Ciucci


Carolina Ciucci is a teacher, writer and reviewer based in the south of Argentina. She hoards books like they’re going out of style. In case of emergency, you can summon her by talking about Ireland, fictional witches, and the Brontë family. Twitter: @carolinabeci

You know how most kids outgrow their fascination with magic as they become adults? Well, I was the skeptical kid who became fascinated with magic as I grew up. Sure, there was a brief phase there when I fell in love with fairy tales, but I had moved past them by the time I was 7. I wanted my fiction to be realistic. A woman finding love after divorce? Yes. A stalwart detective chasing down a serial killer? Absolutely. An epic war between elven families? Meh.

But even at my most anti-magic, there was one type of magical being that I couldn’t help but be drawn to. Witches. Something about them called to me. Maybe it was the idea of a uniquely female power, or maybe it was the collision of nature and spirituality. Hell, perhaps it was something as simple as me being a fan of the aesthetic. Whatever it was, I read every witchy book I could get my hands on. And this is an interest that has only grown with time. The only difference between then and now? I can now afford to buy the occasional witchy bookish item to enhance my reading or decorate my home. Want in on my favorites? Read on.

(Be assured, when it comes to magical books, I have long since seen the short-sightedness of my ways. I still love my romances and my mysteries, but they now share space on my shelves with fantasy and paranormal horror. And I love a good elven epic.)

Black book sleeve with an illustration of a witch stirring a cauldron. There are also a cat and bats. Text: Apothecary Shoppe. Potions. Elixirs

Sure, most of us have to settle for going to the pharmacy for ibuprofen and the like, but you can pretend that you’re on your way to purchase a potion if you carry this apothecary book sleeve with you. $20

T-shirt that reads "Well read and witchy." It has a painting of an open book with flowers sprouting from it.

Sometimes you don’t want to tell people that you’re well-read and witchy. Let this adorable tee do the talking for you. $15+

Cauldron-shaped mug that reads "Witches Brew"

Okay, so this mug isn’t technically a bookish item, but really, what kind of person is out there reading books without coffee or tea at hand? $17

Coffin-shaped bookshelf

I mean, I suppose you might prefer not to store your books in a coffin-shaped bookshelf, but… why? $28

Witchy bookshelf insert

I have never wanted anything more than I want this magical apothecary bookshelf insert. $79

Witchy bookends, with witchy books on one side and a cauldron on the other

I have seen some beautiful bookend sets in my life. This is the most beautiful by far. (Did I consider going full-on dad pun and calling it bewitching? Yes. Did I manage to contain myself? Partly.) $79

Tarot card bookmark

I don’t need these Tarot card bookmarks, I don’t need these Tarot card bookmarks, I don’t need… Oh, to hell with it. $11+

Night cat bookmarks

Wherever there’s a witch, a cat (bookmark) isn’t far behind. $5

Leather journal with a stone of your choice

Would you like a grimoire-like notebook to write down potions, moon phases, and grocery lists? Of course you would. $49+

Moon Notebook

You would like all of those things but more affordably? Say no more. $18

If you haven’t had enough of witchiness, have you considered witchy books? Maybe of the mystery variety?