We Practice Charity: You Choose Who Benefits



Always books. Never boring.

“…the best means of benefiting the community is to place within its reach the ladders upon which the aspiring can rise…” – Andrew Carnegie

Book Riot is different. We’ve built charity into our DNA. Two percent of our revenue – no funny math, just 0.02 times total revenue – is gifted. Our leadership decided this prior to raising capital and prior to earning our first dollar. Our business plan states it.

To make this happen, we want the Book Riot community to choose the recipient on a quarterly basis. So, this is our first call for nominations. To nominate an organization, leave a comment that includes the organization’s name, URL and Twitter handle (if it has one) along with one sentence explaining the organization’s mission. We will choose 5 finalists and let the Book Riot community vote for the recipient.

To be eligible:

  • The organization must have 501(c)3 status in the United States
  • The organization must promote social justice with a preference for organizations focused on literacy, health, gender or educational equity
  • The organization may be religious, but its primary mission may not be proselytizing
  • The organization’s constituency may be anywhere on the planet
  • The organization must have a 3 star or better rating according to Charity Navigator

Nominations will be open through 11:59PM EST, Friday, November 11.

Voting will begin on Tuesday, November 22, and continue through Monday, December 5, 11:59PM EST.