The Art of Simon James: Band Albums Reimagined as Classic Paperbacks

Eric Smith

Staff Writer

Eric Smith an author, blogger, and literary agent based in Philadelphia. When he isn’t busy trying to discover new books, he sometimes tries to write his own. Blog: Eric Smith Twitter: @ericsmithrocks

the stone roses books

I’d like to you to meet Simon James, a London-based artist and the proprietor of Standard Designs, an Etsy shop all of you are about to get lost in. I’m sorry, I’m not sorry.

James creates work that “reflects [his] love of literature, music, art, design and the occasional awful pun,” and I seriously can’t get over how great it all is. Especially his series that explores band albums as classic paperback books.

Check out some of his coolest pieces below, and be sure to follow him on FacebookTwitter, and Tumblr. He does some really cool stuff, and I can’t wait to hang one of these Radiohead prints up in my apartment.