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Flecks of Fun: Gorgeous Terrazzo Bookends

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After years and years of minimalism taking center stage as a preferable design aesthetic, I'm so grateful to see maximalism popping back onto the scene. I'm a huge fan of color and pattern, and I find the neutral tones to become monotonous and a little sleepy for my tastes. I don't mind clashing polka dots with stripes or florals when it comes to the style of my house — I want this to be a place I feel inspired and alive, and for me, that's in style running counter to minimalism.

That terrazzo is back in a big way makes my heart sing. The material, traditionally expensive to produce and primarily relegated to the floor beneath our feet, has moved to becoming a statement for jewelry, for material goods, for wallpaper, and more. Vogue notes that the trend for terrazzo began to emerge in 2018, as searches for the design increased on Pinterest, and it's probably safe to say we're reaching peak terrazzo, especially as more and more time is being spent in the home, where we're eager for fun (and in some cases, design that looks expensive!). That terrazzo has '80s and early '90s flair — and it has a lovely throwback for fans of midcentury design — is only helping its rise in popularity.

I'm all in on terrazzo. Give me the fun background colors, be them light or dark, paired with flecks of color throughout. It's fun and unexpected, and it looks good just about anywhere. Yes, even in spaces where it could clash.

Find below some of the most bold and delightful terrazzo bookends. What I especially love about this roundup is that these terrazzo bookends take on classic shapes: they don't let the design interrupt the pattern and instead, they're working together in harmony. There's something here for everyone, even those who, unlike me, aren't entirely sold on the style.

Terrific Terrazzo Bookends

Black and white terrazzo bookends

Let's start with something fairly simple: black bookends with a white fleck. These bad boys would look good in any home, with any design aesthetic. $71 for the pair.

White bookends with rainbow flecks in an arch design.

I'm absolutely in love with these simple arched terrazzo bookends. This particular seller has a few more options in their shop, in the event you want even more options. The bright colors on the white background really pop here. $57 each or $100 for the pair, and you can ask for some specific colorways, as these are handmade individually.

2 white bookends flecked with color in the shape of "X"

If you're looking for a unique bookend, you'll find a lot to love about these terrazzo bookends — light on the flecking — in the shape of an X. $70 for each bookend.

Set of emerald green bookends with white flecking.

Another more simplistic take on terrazzo are these emerald green bookends, flecked with white. The color here works so well with the shape. $57 each.

Pair of white bookends flecked with black. They are in the shape of triangles.

How about some black and white triangle bookends? $57 each.

single terrazzo bookend in white with neutral-colored flecks. the bookend is in the shape of a half moon.

It pains me a little the seller describes this as "vintage, from before 2000," but here we are. You can get this vintage half-moon shaped bookend for $50.

White terrazzo bookend with blue and pink flecks in the shape of steps.

The shape of this white bookend with colorful flecks is excellent, and it's super affordable at about $20 each. Bonus: you can choose from a few terrazzo colors.

Pair of white terrazzo bookends in the shape of an arch.

Pair terrazzo with the popular arch style for a really beautiful '80s aesthetic. $77 for the set.

Sculpture-style bookend, with a small orange terrazzo arch, a mid-size yellow terrazzo arch, a green terrazzo stair step, and a big blue background.

This terrazzo sculpture bookend is sure to be a conversation piece. It's truly one of a kind. $80.

X-shaped terrazzo bookend in white, with black, peach, and gray colored flecks

Another gorgeous take on the X-shaped bookend. $92.

Cinder block painted white with terrazzo-like flecks in pink, blue, and yellow.

And finally, why not snap up a different take entirely, with this cinder block painted in a terrazzo style? $35.

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