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25 Heavy Bookends for Every Personal Library

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If only I had some really heavy bookends. How many times have you muttered this to yourself after delicately pulling one book off your shelf only to have a dozen more spines topple like a row of dominoes? It’s not always you, either. A nimble cat, an eager dog’s tail, the rough and tumble play of family members and friends—these are all threats to the carefully placed books on your shelves.

The solution? Heavy bookends crafted from materials like natural stone, cast iron, solid brass, or concrete. The right bookend not only keeps your largest, heaviest books in place, but as long as you know where to shop, it can also be an expression of your style, passion, and personality. We suggest starting your search at Etsy, where you know you’ll be supporting individuals and small business owners who take pride in their creative and curating skills. And if you come across an item you like only to discover that it’s sold out, chances are you’ll be able to broaden your search to find a bookend in a similar style.

Whether you’re looking for something that’s literature-themed, nature-inspired, modern and geometric in design, or representative of your particular life’s passion, we know you’ll find just the right pair of heavy bookends for yourself or that bookish friend on your gift list.

5 Literature-Themed Heavy Bookends

What better way to start than by holding up your books with more books? These vintage books have been upcycled to create weighted bookends for readers who can’t bear to think of books being thrown away.

heavy bookends made from upcycled books—image from etsy shop


Or perhaps you prefer your vintage bookends to be made out of natural marble.

Bookends made out of marble books. Image from Etsy shop.

For another natural stone option, check out these bookends, which are hand-carved out of granite.

Hand-carved granite books. Image from Etsy shop.


If you prefer metal over stone, each of these tall, bronze bookends feature textured fretwork on the front, back, sides, and top.

Bookends made out of bronze books. Image from Etsy shop.

And if you want to celebrate some of the magic that makes every book work—letters, paragraphs, and, of course, punctuation—these handmade, concrete quotation marks are just the thing.  You can even select a different secondary color to make them stand out from their background.

Concrete quotation marks. Image from Etsy shop.

5 Animal-Inspired Heavy Bookends

Dog lovers will appreciate this set of cast iron bookends, available in a variety of colors.


Cast iron dog. Image from Etsy shop.


And for the cat lovers, these sweet-faced cats made out of brass:

Brass cats. Image from Etsy shop.


These vintage onyx bookends are perfect for equestrians.

Onyx horses. Image from Etsy shop.

Or you can go even wilder with these roaring, solid brass elephant bookends.

Solid brass elephants. Image from Etsy shop.

Finally, this rhinoceros in a rustic, brown finish will stand up against the heaviest book load.

Cast iron rhinoceros. Image from Etsy shop.

4 Nature-Inspired Heavy Bookends

Sometimes nature itself is the only natural inspiration that will do. Each of these bookends is cut and hand-polished from rough agate geodes.

Black agate. Image from Etsy shop.

It’s hard to go wrong with one of nature’s most classic silhouettes: the tree. This elegant, laser-cut design is available in different colors.

Laser-cut tree. Image from Etsy shop.

If your taste runs more minimalist, you’ll appreciate this architectural tree and pond.

Laser-cut metal tree and pond. Image from Etsy shop.

Or maybe you’d rather celebrate what falls from the tree. This pineapple-inspired set could be just what you need for your large, heavy cookbooks.

Pineapple bookend. Image from Etsy shop.

5 Geometric Heavy Bookends

Keep it simple and modern with these concrete cubes, available in three solid colors.

Concrete cubes.


Just as simple, but spherical, these concrete bookends are available in seven pleasing colors.

Concrete spheres. Image from Etsy shop.

These striking bookends add dimension and functionality to your bookshelves. The sellers suggest you “maximize the extra space to store your mementos, clip some special cards, or decorate them with some dried flowers.”

Geometric abstract design. Image from Etsy shop.

Modern shapes meet classic marble in these geometric bookends.

Marble geometric shapes. Image from Etsy shop.

And to really make a statement, consider these sleek marble bookends.

Marble trapezoids. Image from Etsy shop.

5 Passion-Inspired Bookends

If you love beaches and sunshine and collecting shells on the shoreline, these large onyx seashells might just inspire a happy daydream or two.

Onyx seashells. Image from Etsy shop.

Or maybe you dream of being farther out in the waves. These vintage, nautical bookends are made out of heavy brass.

Vintage brass ships. Image from Etsy shop.

If you’re more of a train person, check out these steel railroad tracks that have been repurposed into eye-catching bookends.

Repurposed steel railroad tracks. Image from Etsy shop.

Do you like to build and create with your hands? These sculptural, wrench-inspired bookends are crafted from salvaged steel and include storage space for the pencils you’ll want to grab to sketch out your next idea.

Wrench-inspired salvaged steel bookends. Image from Etsy shop.

Or perhaps you’re a painter or you admire other painters. These bold bookends are inspired by 20th century painter Piet Mondrian.

Mondrian-inspired design. Image from Etsy shop.

A Customizable Heavy Bookend

Last but not least, if you’re ready to splurge on a bookend that you can truly make your own, this simple marble bookend can be engraved with text of your choice. It’s also a thoughtful gift for a bookish friend.

Marble bookend with personalized engraving. Image from Etsy shop.

Once your books are safe and secure thanks to a few well-placed heavy bookends, you can focus on the reason you have all those books in the first place: letting yourself get lost in other worlds and adventures.

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