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25+ Etsy Bookends to Adorn Your Shelves

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At Book Riot we try to help you, dear readers, find not only great books, but great bookish accessories as well. And next to the bookmark, we can think of no greater book accessory than bookends. They hold up your books whilst adding a bit of style and fun to your bookshelves—what is there not to love? While you can buy bookends at a great many stores, one of our favorite places to find great bookends is on Etsy! We’ve rounded up over 25 great Etsy bookends that are currently in stock and available for purchase.

To make finding your next bookend a bit easier, we’ve divided our picks into sections based on the material they are made from. Scroll through and find the perfect set of Etsy bookends to support your reading habit!

Wooden Etsy Bookends

Wood block bookends with "so many little time" written on them

So many books…so little time” wood blocks sum up reader life problems. $44.

wood etsy bookends with a variety of laser cut plant leaves

For the reader who loves houseplants, but also wants some that won’t die. $75.

a small and tall wood block with a black and white whale image

This etsy bookends shop is full of book inspired block bookends like these from Moby Dick. $28.

wine barrel bookends

These are made from an upcycled wine barrel. $120.

black chalk wood etsy bookends that make it look like a castle

These castle chalk Etsy bookends would make a great addition to any nursery or kids room. $35.

muted color rainbow bookends

Some rainbow bookends would brighten up any bookshelf. $35.

silhouette fantasy figures bookends

For the fantasy reader, these Lord of the Rings inspired bookends are some of the best I’ve seen on Etsy. $50.

two wooden bookends with personalized "Fulcher family books"

Keep track of whose books are whose with these personalized bookends. $45.

a tall and short white block house

Adorn your selves with these house bookends made from reclaimed wood. $23.50.

Concrete and Stone Etsy Bookends

two geometric concrete vases used as bookends, one with pens in it and the other with a plant

Add a touch of green or organization space with a blush marble concrete vase. $28.50 each.

half round crystal etsy bookends

Selenite bookends for the reader and crystal lover. $40.

two blockish concrete vases used as bookends

This concrete based shop has several vase and planter options that double as sleek, modern bookends. $40 each.

a variety of polished stone etsy bookends

A variety of classic polished stone bookends available in various colors. $78.

Metal Etsy Bookends

green metal bookends with the number 56 painted on

One of many metal upcycled bookends available from this vintage etsy shop. $21.

metal bookends that spell out "novels"

This Etsy bookends shop is full of wonderful options and will make custom bookends, but I’m fond of this simple “Novels” set. $63.

metal corrugated bookend in coral

These neat metal bookends (available in a variety of colors) also double as a fun bookstand. $29.

metal bookends that look like quotation marks on either side of a stack of books

Add some simple quotation marks to your bookshelf. $59.

a metal silhouette of a man holding his arms up as it appears books are about to fall on him

Add a touch of whimsy to your library with these falling books bookends. $26.50.

plain metal flat bookends

Sometimes all you need is a plain and simple bookend. $11 each.

black metal silhouette of a fairy and unicorn on either side

And sometimes you need a unicorn and fairy. $64.

Miscellaneous Etsy Bookends

wood ends with an old fashioned light bulb as a lamp on one end

Illuminate your shelves with this dimmable lamp bookend set. $89.

glass rectangles with black and white letters in the middle

Set apart your collection with some custom glass monogram bookends. $65.

plush narwhal made from geometric fabric, mounted in two pieces on wood bookends

This stuffed narwhal bookend would look adorable in any nursery. $90.

a piece of petrified wood split in two used as bookends

Petrified wood makes for some unique bookends. $50.

wood bookends with large metal industrial pipes mounted on them

For a rustic look you can’t go wrong with some industrial pipe. $35.

two burlap feedsack pillows with the image of an owl printed on them being used as bookends

For a non standard bookend, this shop has several small feedsack pillows to choose from. $16.

black three pronged shapes as bookends

These black bird feet bookends have a modern farmhouse feel. $42.

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