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Tarot-Themed Goodies You Should Get From Etsy

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Rey Rowland


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I’m definitely the kind of person who loves tarot-themed goodies! For starters, I like the whole vibe and aesthetic. But I also love how they can remind me of a specific message I want to give myself— depending on the meaning of a card. Sometimes, I just like to share that I’m kind of witchy, too, and tarot things are great for that. Anyway, if you’re like me, then you’re in luck! Because I took a dive into Etsy to find tarot-themed goodies. And let me tell you, I found a lot of amazing things to share with you.

Before we jump into these tarot-themed goodies: while browsing Etsy, I found a lot of things. I decided to focus this list a bit more on things that are also bookish. The things I picked might reimagine tarot cards with book tropes or images, or they might be bookish objects like bookmarks. That’s because we are in Book Riot, after all. And it’s highly likely that you, Reader, are also a bookworm too.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at these 12 fun tarot-themed gifts from Etsy!

Tarot-Themed Gifts You Can Find on Etsy

Set of golden tarot necklaces

These golden-plated tarot card necklaces will look great on anyone. Plus, you can choose your favorite card! $25

Tarot themed glass cup with a "smut" and "the reader" text

What better gift for romance readers than a smut-themed tarot glass cup? Plus, you can choose from several designs. $24

Large coffee tumblr with a tarot design

This seller has several original tarot designs, and they feature “The Coffee” one on this stunning stainless steel tumbler! $39

Set of wax soy candles with different tarot card labels

These scented soy wax candles showcase different major arcana tarot cards— and they even have some fun crystals in them! $20

Skeleton with book tarot card bookmark labeled The Reader

This fun bookmark showcases a “The Reader” tarot design. Perfect for any bookworm! $5+

holographic tarot card stickers with bookish tropes on them

Once again, tarot-themed goodies and bookish goodies go really well together. As is the case with this holographic sticker set that is themed around book tropes! $7

black hardcover journal with golden tarot design

Use this tarot hardcover notebook as a journal, grimoire, or maybe even to write down your next novel! You can choose from 5 different designs depicting several major arcana cards. $27

several tarot cards with an art nouveau style on top of a book

This is another tarot card bookmark. But in this case, the seller chooses one intuitively for you in a kind of mini tarot reading. Plus, you can choose from two different art styles!  $8

tote bag with a tarot card design showing a cat with a book and the text "The Reader" in the bottom

You can carry your tarot deck or your favorite books on this fun canvas tote bag! Plus, the cat design is a true delight, right? $25

Green hoodie with a white "The Reader" tarot design

You can share your love for both tarot cards and reading with this cozy sweatshirt. $43+

tarot themed magnetic bookmarks with book tropes in them

I know I picked other bookmarks for this list, but this set of magnetic bookmarks with its literary tropes theme is a must! $20

tarot card sun catchers with bookish themes

Last but not least, I’ve seen suncatchers all over my social media lately. So when I saw these rainbow suncatchers that are both tarot and bookish-themed, I absolutely fell in love. $9

Those were some fun tarot-themed goodies from Etsy. We can also help you find your next tarot deck. Or you can take a dive into our Book Fetish archives for all kinds of bookish merch.