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Exploring America Through Books

Take a trip across America with these books about travel.


These books make for excellent reading after seeing the film THE FAREWELL.

Erica Buist Talks Death Festivals in THIS PARTY’S DEAD

Talking to Erica Buist about traveling to seven different death festivals around the world for her book, THIS PARTY'S DEAD.

Literary Tourism: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There's no where else in the world quite like Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Let's take a literary tour of this amazing city.

Reading While Bilingual: How Translated Books Helped Shape My Cultural Identity

How reading immigrant stories and working with translation helped one Rioter regain her identity as a multilingual reader and find common ground.

Stocking My Ereader for an International Train Travel Adventure

What one reader found great company in while partaking in international train travel.

R.F. Kuang, The Nanking Massacre, and Reading Flashbacks

Last year, I read R.F. Kuang’s debut novel The Poppy War. I found myself flung backwards in time to August ...

Remembering My Literary Landmarks In Livermore, California

With each move, mystery surrounds me and my partner’s lives. Until friends and family visited us in Livermore, California, a ...

New Independent Bookstores In Old Homes

A reader keeps up with the indie bookstore scenes in the places where she used to live, and talks about some favorite spots.

A Bookish Tour of Hawai’i

Hawai’i has been having a hard time lately, between the ongoing eruption of Kilauea and the floods and landslides caused ...

Literary Tourism: Argentina

Are you planning a trip to Argentina? There are multiple ways to ensure that your visit is as literary as ...

John Waters’s CARSICK: The Best Summer Road Trip Book

John Waters describes his hitchhiking journey across America in CARSICK, conquering his fears by imagining the worst and the best that could happen.

Literary Tourism: Scotland

Planning a trip to Scotland? Check out this itinerary of literary destinations in Scotland for bookish tourists.

Travel Writing for the Rest of Us

Excellent travel writing that isn't all about physically fit men imparting their wisdom upon the world.

Literary Tourism: The Book Towns of France

Imagine driving through the picturesque French countryside, observing sheep or vineyards or what have you, when you come across a ...