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Imagine driving through the picturesque French countryside, observing sheep or vineyards or what have you, when you come across a ...

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Sometimes what you need is an inexpensive hotel room that you don't leave for several days in a small town with a bookstore.

On Place and Space in Literature

As I was leaving work yesterday, I bumped into a friend. The sun was setting ahead of me so I ...

Reading While Traveling: Discovering ORIGIN at its Origin

How Reading Dan Brown's Origin while in Barcelona reminded me of ways in which reading while traveling enriches the reading experience.

Travels in “Amerikkka” through Poetry and GIFs

On jay dodd's poetry and multimedia chapbook about the poet's encounters with landscape, racism, transmisogyny, wildlife, and lust.

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A reading list inspired by a Rioter's friend's decision to upend her life and travel the world.

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