Travel the World in 122 Cookbooks

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Courtney Rodgers


Courtney has been reading and collecting books almost as long as she's been alive. She holds a B.A. in Theatre and Creative Writing. Courtney has been writing with Book Riot since 2019, and is a Bibliologist with TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations. She's currently brainstorming for her next creative project. You can follow her on Instagram.

Have you always wanted try a real Belgian waffle? What about borscht? Perhaps you’re missing a favorite dish that your neighbor’s grandma made when you were growing up? Cooking is always an adventure, especially without a good recipe. A quick google search might pull up an okay recipe but you might have to weed through several pages just to find the ingredients. For a new-to-you recipe, go straight to the source with a cookbook you’d like to visit next. Amazing food should not be limited to traveling — make it at home and share with your loved ones!

As a more frugal alternative to globe-trotting, cooking your way across the globe will transport your taste buds and maybe open up the doors to some new local grocers. Inside the pages of these cookbooks, not only will you find enticing recipes for every type of cuisine, but treasured family stories — the kind that get told over and over with big laughs — lush landscape photography, and the historical and cultural information you might learn on a guided tour.

No passport needed for this world tour — I’ve divided this list up by continent for ease of navigation. Grab your apron and let’s get cooking!


Saka Saka Cover

Cameroon: Saka Saka by Anto Cacagne, Alline Princet

Taste the best of Cameroon and neighboring countries with this vibrant and evocative cookbook.

Comoros: In Bibi’s Kitchen by Hawa Hassan, Julia Turshen

Eight grandmothers from eastern African nations share their signature dishes and family tales in this beautiful book.

Egypt: Eat, Habibi, Eat! by Shahir Massoud

This endearing cookbook includes recipes for staple dishes and street food finds.

Eritrea: Habesha Cooking by Reda Habte

Simple, delicious Eritrean and Ethiopian dishes to try at home.

Ethiopia Cover

Ethiopia: Ethiopia by Yohanis Gebreyesus

Gebreyesus invites readers on a culinary journey, with recipes for hearty soups, meats, vegetarian dishes, and gorgeous photography to show off the beauty of Ethiopia in this James Beard award-winning cookbook.

Gambia: The Gambian Cookbook by Michele Daryanani, Shakhil Shaw

Childhood friends Daryanani and Shaw swap stories and treasured recipes in this comprehensive Gambian cookbook.

Ghana: Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen by Zoe Adjonyoh

Step into Adjonyoh’s kitchen for a taste of bold, remixed, and traditional Ghanian foods.

A Spicy Touch Cover

Kenya: A Spicy Touch by Noorbanu Nimji, Karen Anderson

Kenyan and North Indian cultures come together beautifully in this gorgeous cookbook.

Madagascar: Mankafy Sakafo by Jill Donenfeld

Inspired by her travels, Donenfeld shares Malagasy recipes using fresh, plentiful ingredients like rice, coconut, and seafood.

Mauritius: The Island Kitchen by Selina Periampillai

This beautifully illustrated cookbook includes 80+ recipes from Mauritius and nearby islands.

Morocco: Casablanca: My Moroccan Food by Nargisse Benkabbou

Moroccan food blogger Benkabbou shares family recipes and exciting new dishes in this beautiful cookbook.

Nigeria: The Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook by Chy Anegbu

Chef Chy has gathered 92 of the most popular Nigerian recipes, for the definitive guide to Nigerian cookery.

Vegan Africa Cover

Senegal: Vegan Africa by Marie Kacouchia

This bright cookbook includes 70 vegan recipes, inspired by 15 African nations.

Seychelles: Fishing and Cooking by ilian iliev, Nikolay Bozakov

Global chefs share their fishing adventures and favorite seafood dishes in this illustrated digital cookbook.

Sierra Leone: Sweet Salone by Maria Bradford

Inspired by childhood memories and a rich cultural history, this meditative cookbook includes beautiful photography, fusion recipes, and heartfelt stories.

South Africa: Simply Seven Colors by Zola Nene

Plate up the rainbow with this South African book that encourages joyful, colorful eating.

Guide to Cooking Tanzanian Basic Dishes Cover

Tanzania: Guide to Cooking Tanzanian Basic Dishes by Hidaya Mponezya, Upewa Mponezya

Mother-daughter team Hidaya and Upewa share their favorite dishes and cooking tips with warmth and laughter.

Zambia: In My Kitchen by Kasano Mwanza

Part memoir, part cookbook, Mwanza shares his personal history through food and photos.

Zimbabwe: Flavors of Africa by Evi Aki

Sample an array of exciting flavors with this cookbook that features recipes from all over Africa, from Angola to Zimbabwe.


Parwana Cookbook cover

Afghanistan: Parwana: Recipes and Stories from an Afghan Kitchen by Durkhanai Ayubi

This colorful book invites you to create flavorful dishes to share with your family.

Armenia: Lavash: The Bread that Launched 1,000 Meals by Kate Leahy, Ara Zada, John Lee

Learn how to make Armenia’s signature flatbread, plus dozens of soups, salads, and stews to pair with lavash.

Azerbaijan: Taste of Persia by Naomi Duguid

Pack your bags with Duguid as she travels through the Persian culinary region, with 125 tasty recipes.

My Bangladeshi Cookbook Cover

Bangladesh: My Bangladeshi Cookbook by Vikas Jaffrey

Explore Bangladeshi multi-course offerings in fish, vegetables, lentils, and rice, all packed with color and flavor.

Brunei: The Brunei Cookbook by Hilbert Luettigen

Enjoy Brunei’s unique blend of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Arab cuisines with this simple cookbook.

Cambodia: Sweet, Savory, Spicy by Sarah Tiong

Sample the best of Southeast Asian street food without leaving home with this colorful book. Crispy snacks, salty treats, and an entire chapter devoted to sauces!

China: The Cookbook by Kei Lum Chan and Diora Fong Chan

This illustrated cookbook includes regional favorites like Jiangsu drunken chicken and Chinese takeout staples like sweet and sour spare ribs.

Chaat cookbook cover

India: Chaat by Maneet Chauhan, Jody Eddy

Inspired by Chauhan’s travels across India, this vibrant cookbook includes recipes for snacks, street food treats, and home-style dishes.

Indonesia: Coconut & Sambal by Lara Lee

Lee makes Indonesian cooking easy with 80 tasty recipes.

Iran: Cooking in Iran by Najmieh Batmanglij

Cooking in Iran is packed with 250+ recipes, practical cooking tips, and cultural tidbits you won’t find anywhere else.

Iraq: The Iraqi Cookbook by Lamees Ibrahim

Detailed and easy to follow, this cookbook has 200+ recipes, plus tips on specialty ingredients and historical notes.

Sababa Cover

Israel: Sababa by Adeena Sussman

Sussman invites readers into her kitchen for 125 exciting recipes, including tahini caramel tart and roasted grape salad.

Japan: Japanese Home Cooking by Sonoko Sakai

Sakai provides passionate, clear instruction in the fundamentals of Japanese cooking.

Jordan: The New Book of Middle Eastern Food by Claudia Roden

This incredible collection features 800 enticing recipes from Jordan and surrounding countries in the Middle East.

Laos: Traditional Recipes of Laos by Phia Sing

This illustrated cookbook is printed in Laotian and English, with traditional recipes.

My Lebanese Cookbook Cover

Lebanon: My Lebanese Cookbook by Tarik Fallous

Focusing on grains and fresh produce, this book has 80+ flavorful family recipes.

Malaysia: Sambal Shiok by Mandy Yin

Family favorites, new recipes, and Malay fusion cuisine make up this enjoyable cookbook.

Maldives: Cook Maldives by Shaai Sattar

Glimpse into the everyday food life of the Maldives with hundreds of beautiful photos, step-by-step instructions, and recipes for popular dishes.

Mongolia: Eating with Genghis Khan by Jim Huffman

Huffman looks back on his travels through Mongolia, providing 22 recipes and travel tips.

Mandalay Cover

Myanmar: Mandalay by MiMi Aye

More than a list of recipes, Aye shares history, family stories, cultural context, and all the specialty techniques you’ll need in this informative and entertaining book.

Nepal: Rana Cookbook by Rohini Rana

This book is an invitation to explore Nepali’s crisp, flavorful cuisine, in food fit for royalty.

Oman: Cardamom and Lime by Sarah al-Hamad

Explore the flavors of the Arabian gulf with this aesthetically pleasing cookbook.

Pakistan: Summers Under the Tamarind Tree by Sumayya Usmani

Food writer and cooking teacher Usmani shares childhood stories of growing up in Pakistan, along with 100 recipes for rich, fragrant dishes for any occasion.

Dine in Palestine Cover

Palestine: Dine in Palestine by Heifa Odeh

This comprehensive cookbook includes Palestine’s national dish, Musakhan, main dishes, and sweet desserts.

Phillipines: Quintessential Filipino Cooking by Liza Agbanlog

Bring the taste of Philippines home with this 75-recipe cookbook, featuring dishes like chicken pochero and lomi soup.

Saudi Arabia: Modern Flavors of Arabia by Suzanne Husseini

Refresh your kitchen with updated versions of classic Arabian dishes, like fragrant pilaf, homemade kibbeh, and spiced shawarma.

Singapore: The Little Book of Singapore Food by Emily Yeo, Illustrated by Benjamin Wang

Save yourself a plane ticket to Singapore with this colorfully illustrated guide to Singapore’s best and yummiest foods.

My Korea Cover

South Korea: My Korea by Hooni Kim

Michelin starred Chef Hooni’s debut cookbook is packed with 90 delectable, contemporary Korean recipes, combining traditional flavors with new techniques.

Sri Lanka: Rambutan by Cynthia Shanmugalingam

Lush and exuberant, this cookbook has over 70 recipes for main dishes, snacks, and sweets for every occasion.

Syria: Sumac by Anas Atassi

This stunning book is full of family recipes, personal accounts, and beautiful landscape photography.

Taiwan: Made in Taiwan by Clarissa Wei

Celebrate Taiwan’s food heritage with Wei as she provides 100 in-depth recipes and thoughtful essays.

Sabai Cover

Thailand: Sabai by Pailin Chongchitnant

Chongchitnant shares 100 authentic and simple Thai dishes to make and enjoy at home, with included video links for extra cooking tips.

United Arab Emirates: Date and Chami by Maryam Mubarak

Wow your taste buds with recipes inspired by Old Dubai’s foods and modern flavors and techniques.

Uzbekistan: Lyudmila’s Hometown Flavors by Tumaris Hone and Lyudmila Balestrin

This cookbook includes Uzbek/Russian recipes for every meal.

Vietnam: Vietnamese: Simple Vietnamese Food To Cook At Home by Uyen Luu

Keep it simple with 85 tasty and quick recipes for soups, salads, and dinners for busy nights.

Australia and Oceania

Mabu Mabu cover

Australia: Mabu Mabu: An Australian Kitchen Cookbook by Nornie Bero

Chef Nornie gives simple, accessible instructions for dishes like wild boar, kangaroo tail bourguignon, and tips for foraging.

Fiji: Fabulous Fiji Recipes by Rose Rivera

Taste the best of Fiji’s food culture with recipes for cassava, seafood, and bright tropical fruits.

New Zealand: The Great New Zealand Cookbook by Tim Harper, Murray Thom

This 200-recipe collection is a collaboration of New Zealand’s best, for a delicious round up of kiwi favorites.


Albania: The Best of Albanian Cuisine by Besa Kosova

Step into the Albanian kitchen to create over 150 classic dishes, like sweet and syrupy tulumba, hearty soups, and savory pastries. 

Austria: Austrian Desserts and Pastries by Dietmar Fercher, Andrea Karrer

Chefs Fercher and Karrer dish up over 180 desserts, pastries, and Austrian baking basics to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Belgium: Everybody Eats Well in Belgium by Ruth van Waerebeek, Maria Robbins

This cozy book is packed with recipes for slow cooking, stews, desserts, soups, for all kinds of occasions.

Balkan Comfort Food Cover

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Balkan Comfort Food by Jas Brechtl

Fall in love with 50 flavorful recipes, including a highly-rated eggplant Parmesan dish, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Balkan neighbors.

Bulgaria: Traditional Bulgarian Cooking by Atanas Slavov

This collection of 140 recipes brings Bulgarian home cooking into your kitchen, including soups, stews, and yummy cheese pastries.

Croatia: Eat and Love Croatia by Aldo Ivanišević

Simple and classic, this book is a great primer for Croatian cooking.

Cyprus: Ripe Figs by Yasmin Khan

Travel the Mediterranean without leaving your kitchen, with recipes for soups, flat breads, sweets, and more.

Czech Cookbook cover

Czechia: Czech Cookbook by Nataliya Popova

Have some history with your dinner with this informative cookbook.

Denmark: Classic Recipes of Denmark by Judith Dern, John Nielsen

Visually appealing and concise, this book has 25 simple recipes to explore Danish food.

Estonia: Amber and Rye by Zuza Zak

Immerse yourself in Baltic culture and history with this cookbook, with recipes for pickles, soups, and refreshing summer desserts.

Finland: The Finnish Cookbook by Beatrice Ojakangas

This classic cookbook includes home-style favorites like split pea soup, sour rye bread, and pastries.

France the beautiful cookbook cover

France: The Beautiful Cookbook by Gilles Pudlowski

Explore the culinary regions of France in this gorgeously photographed book.

Georgia: Supra by Tiko Tuskadze

In 100 recipes, Tuskadze shares Georgia’s unique food culture and history.

Germany: Easy German Cookbook by Karen Lodder

Learn to make 80 of Germany’s essential soups, breads, and sweets with simple, clear instructions and a bit of German history on the side.

My Big Fat Greek Cookbook Cover

Greece: My Big Fat Greek Cookbook by Christos Sourligas, Evdokia Antginas

Sourligas shares iconic Greek recipes, like moussaka and spanakopita, made sweeter with family stories and full color photographs.

Hungary: Hungarian Cookbook by Yolanda Nagy Fintor

Try out traditional Hungarian recipes with a contemporary twist.

Iceland: North: The New Nordic Cuisine of Iceland by Gunnar Karl Gíslason, Jody Eddy

Restauranteur Gíslason shares his creative process and collection of surprising Icelandic dishes.

My Irish Table cover

Ireland: My Irish Table by Cathal Armstrong, David Hagedorn

Chef Cathal Armstrong shares his culinary journey, in 130 recipes that highlight Ireland’s bountiful produce, dairy, and meat industries.

Italy: Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking By Marcella Hazan

This kitchen library staple has been in print for 30 years, with charming illustrations and delicious recipes. There’s something for everyone with recipes for soups, pastas, vegetables, and meat dishes.

Latvian Eats Cover

Latvia: Latvian Eats by Liva Ulmane

Keep warm with traditional soups, stews, and porridges.

Lithuania: Art of Lithuanian Cooking by Maria Gieysztor de Gorgey

This comprehensive cookbook includes 150 recipes for hearty Lithuanian main dishes, snacks, and holiday desserts.

Luxembourg: Ketty Thull by Carlo Sauber

Explore the beauty of Luxembourg through recipes, stories, and gorgeous photographs.

Malta Cover

Malta: Mediterranean Recipes From The Islands by Simon Bajada

Bajada captures the unique blend of cultures that make up Maltese cuisine in this cookbook.

Expected publication July 2023

Montenegro: Montenegrin Cookbook by Lukas Prochazka

Sample some of Montenegro’s basics, including soups, stuffed cabbage, and biscuit cake.

Netherlands: Dutch Treats by William Woys Weaver

This book is a treasure of heritage recipes like shoofly cake and the original Snickerdoodle cookie recipe.

Norway: Norwegian Baking by Nevada Berg

Bake your way through the seasons with this baking book. Berg shares recipes for delectable treats, homemade snacks, and everyday eats.

Polska Cover

Poland: Polska by Zuza Zak

Zak shares a fresh, new take on traditional Polish dishes, with enticing photographs and tidbits of Polish history.

Portugal: The Cookbook by Leandro Carreira

Dive into Portuguese cuisine with 555 recipes, celebrating home cooking, fine dining, and everything in between.

Romania: Carpathia by Irina Georgescu

Food writer Georgescu celebrates Romanian tradition with recipes for street food and breads, shareable sides, and pickles and preserves, in this gorgeous book.

Kachka Cover

Russia: Kachka by Bonnie Frumpkin Morales, Deena Prichep

Morales offers a sparkling, contemporary approach to traditional Russian fare, in 100 nostalgic recipes.

Serbia: Serbian Cookbook by Miroslav Nikolic

Try out Serbia’s unique fusion of Middle Eastern, Balkan, and Mediterranean flavors with this book.

Slovakia: My Slovak Kitchen by Peter Petrzala

This novice-friendly book includes recipes for dishes like roast pork, goulash, or cheesy baked chicken.

Spain: The Spanish Home Kitchen by José Pizarro

Nostalgic and modern, this cookbook includes 80 recipes for simple, seasonal dishes for eating well.

Little Swedish Kitchen Cover

Sweden: Little Swedish Kitchen by Rachel Khoo

In 100 simple and beautiful recipes, Khoo provides a guide to Swedish main dishes, sweets, celebratory meals, and everyday eats.

Switzerland: Helvetic Kitchen by Andie Pilot

Join food blogger Andie Pilot on a culinary journey through Switzerland, with recipes for traditional fare and modern classics.

Turkey: The Turkish Cookbook by Musa Dagdeviren

This 550-recipe volume includes regional variations on Turkish classics like chicken kebabs, pistachio baklava, and lamb kofte, with gorgeous photography, cooking tips, and historical notes.

Ukraine: Budmo! by Anna Voloshyna

Celebrate good food with this vibrant book of Ukrainian treats, main dishes and sides, and special holiday meals.

The British Cookbook Cover

United Kingdom: The British Cookbook by Ben Mervis

Mervis guides home cooks through 550 of Britain’s classic dishes, including Welsh rarebit, Victoria sponge, and shepherd’s pie.

North And Central America

The Moonflower Room Cover

The Bahamas: The Moonflower Room by Hilary B. Booker

The Moonflower Room was a special dining club in Nassau, Bahamas, serving up plant-based locally sourced meals. This lyrical cookbook reproduces some of the famous recipes with stories and Bahamian food traditions.

Barbados: Barbados and Jamaican Recipe Cookbook by Mark Gittens

Take it step by step with this easy guide to your favorite Caribbean foods like Bajan flying fish and cou-cou.

Belize: I Belize You Can by Dr. Gregory Arana

Go beyond the basics with tempting tamales, stew chicken, enchiladas, and coconut delicacies.

Feast cookbook cover

Canada: Feast: Recipes and Stories from a Canadian Road Trip by Lindsay Anderson, Dana VanVeller

Explore the diversity and beauty of Canada through the stories and recipes of 80+ contributors in this road trip cookbook.

Cuba: A Taste of Old Cuba by Maria Josefa Lluria De O’Higgins

Step back in time with 150 recipes inspired by O’Higgins’s Cuban childhood.

Dominica: Dominican Gourmet by Mayma Raphael

Raphael guides readers in making traditional Dominican foods like callalloo soup and octopus, with an updated twist.

Dominican Republic: The Dominican Kitchen by Vanessa Mota

Blogger Vanessa Mota invites you into her Dominican kitchen with 80 flavorful traditional recipes.

Delicious El Salvador Cover

El Salvador: Delicious El Salvador by Alicia Maher

Maher shares over 70 recipes for everyday Salvadoran favorites like soups, stews, tamales, and pupusas to keep your table full of delicious meals.

Guatemala: Amalia’s Guatemalan Kitchen by Amalia Moreno-Damgaard

Chef Amalia offers a fresh approach to traditional Guatemalan cuisine, with nods to her grandmother’s kitchen and French cooking techniques.

Haiti: Bak Fritay by Natacha Gomez

Bring Haiti’s tastiest street foods home with this colorful cookbook.

Honduras: Honduran Kitchen by Rosa Tamajon

Just like Abuela used to make it: Tamajon shares recipes and stories from her own family’s table.

Original Flava Cover

Jamaica: Original Flava by Craig McAnuff, Shaun McAnuff

Brothers Craig and Shaun share Jamaican dishes full of flavor and fun, like banana fritter cheesecake, plantain bean burgers, and curry goat.

Mexico: Oaxaca by Bricia Lopez, Javier Cabral

This cookbook includes 140 delightful recipes from the culinary heart of Mexico.

Nicaragua: Nicaraguan Cookbook by Trudy Espinoza-Abrams

Reminiscing on her childhood in Granada, Nicaragua, Espinoza-Abrams shares her grandmother’s recipes.

Panama: Panama On A Plate by Yadira Stamp

Chef Yadira shares tips for creating authentic Panamanian food at home.

The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen Cover

United States of America: The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen by Sean Sherman

Part cookbook, part foraging guide, this practical and approachable book focuses on ingredients indigenous to the USA.

South America

The Food and Cooking of Argentina cover

Argentina: The Food and Cooking of Argentina by Cesar Bartolini

Explore Argentina’s traditional and exciting cuisine in 65 recipes, including Argentinian barbecue.

Brazil: Travel to Brazil by Polyana de Oliveira

This cookbook is a love letter to de Oliveira’s home country, including stories of tradition and culture surrounding recipes and photographs.

Chile: Food and Cooking of Chile by Boris Basso Benelli

Explore Chile’s bountiful indigenous foods like potatoes, corn, and quinoa.


Colombia: Colombiana by Mariana Velásquez

Turn your next dinner into a Colombian feast with this vibrant book of recipes and tablescapes.

Ecuador: The Amazing Ecuadorian Cookbook by Camila Navia

Discover Ecuador’s rich flavors in 70+ practical recipes.

Guyana: Caribbean Paleo by Althea Brown

Brown incorporates childhood dishes from Guyana with Caribbean flavors from Jamaica and Trinidad to fit paleo dietary needs.

Expected publication August 2023

Peru: The Fire of Peru by Ricardo Zarate, Jenn Garbee

Bring Peruvian flavors to your kitchen, guided by restauranteur-chef Zarate.

Sweet Hands Cover

Trinidad and Tobago: Sweet Hands by Rain Ganeshram

Updated with 120 recipes, this cookbook brings the exciting flavors of Trinidad and Tobago into your kitchen.

Venezuela: Arepa by Irena Stein

Learn to make Venezuela’s most defining food, plus all the fillings to go inside the round, crispy bread.

Expected publication July 2023

Just in case your kitchen library is still missing a few volumes after that round-the-world trip, visit our cookbook archives to fill in the gaps.