DC’s REBIRTH as a Casual Comics Reader

Swapna gives her take on DC Comics' REBIRTH event as a casual DC Comics reader.

World With A Superman

Want to read a definitive, amazing Superman story without any prior knowledge? Try the new SUPERMAN: REBIRTH.

Reading Through Rebirth: Month Two

Jess takes a look at the second month of DC's Rebirth releases.

Why DC Needs to Move on From Alan Moore

DC's refusal to move on from Watchmen and The Killing Joke is alienating new audiences, disrespecting diverse readers and holding their comics back.

The Case For DC Unlimited

Why doesn't DC Comics have an unlimited reading service like Marvel's? With the return to Rebirth, this is the perfect time to set one up.

Reading Through Rebirth: Week Four

Jess is in it to win it with telling you whether to read week 4's Rebirth's #1s. Will she make it to week 5?

Reading Through Rebirth: Week Three

Jess is continuing in her quest to read all of DC's #1 titles for Rebirth. It's only Week 3 -- is her enthusiasm already flagging?

Video: What Newbies Need to Know about DC’s Rebirth

Not sure what DC's Rebirth is? Swapna's got a guide for the new and casual readers out there about what you need to know.

Reading Through Rebirth: Week Two

Jess Plummer is back with the second week of Rebirth releases. Which ones are new-reader friendly? Which series should you read?

Reading Through Rebirth: Week One