The Creative Gene by Hideo Kojima The Creative Gene by Hideo Kojima The Creative Gene by Hideo Kojima
Riot Headline School District Tells Teachers to Balance Books On Holocaust With “Opposing” Views

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2021 Hugo Award Finalists Announced

Announcing the 2021 Hugo Award finalists for best novel, best series, the Lodestar Award for Best YA Novel, and more.

The John W. Campbell Award is Now The Astounding Award

The John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer was renamed to The Astounding Award for Best New Writer.

Here Are The 2019 Hugo Award Winners

The 2019 Hugo Award winners have been announced.

How to Vote in the 2019 Hugo Awards (And Why You Should Do It)

By voting in the Hugo Awards, SFF fans can fight social injustice, support diverse works of superior SFF, and buy amazingly cheap, recently published books.

Here Are Your 2018 Hugo Award Winners!

On Sunday August 19, the 76th Worlds Science Fiction Convention highlighted the legacies being forged now by women writers who are reshaping the genre.

And Your 2018 Hugo Award Nominees Are….

Check out this year's Hugo Award nominees!

Hugo Awards Rules 2017: The Wonkening

A nitty gritty (and wonky) explanation of the new rules for the Hugo Awards nomination process and prizes.

The Hugo Report: Finalists 2017

How changes to the nominating rules for the Hugo awards shook out this year.

Fairness and Writing: Facing Realities as a WOC in Modern Publishing

On a Neo-Nazi getting a book deal while marginalized voices continue to be ignored.

What’s Being Done To Fix the Hugo Awards

An insider look at what's being done to defend the Hugo awards from regressive gaming by racist and sexist groups.