Action Item: Diverse Classroom Libraries in MD & NY

Let's fund these classrooms!

Action Item: Diverse Classroom Libraries in SD & MD

Donate to these public classroom libraries!

My Love/Hate Relationship with Marvel Comics

Reading Protest Poetry in Preparation for Hamilton

By the time you read this, I will have seen Hamilton: I'm prepping for the show by reading all of the protest poetry I can find. Read on.

Please Stop Talking: A Response to IRON FIST Creator’s Racist Excuses

The creator of IRON FIST had some frustrating things to say about criticisms of the show. We have some things to say in response.

The YA Books I Wish I Read as a Young Adult

Diverse YA books one reader wishes she had discovered as an actual young adult.

10 Essential Books to Read from Iran

10 essential books to read from Iran.

How Ordinary Men Do Evil: Books on the Holocaust and Preventing Genocide

This is the Sci-Fi Future that Liberals Want

There is a future I want, and it's one where no one is afraid to face, call out, and strike down systems of oppression.

Taking Off The Blinders: Reading More Diversely in 2017

One reader on taking off the blinders and consciously reading more diversely.

Fairness and Writing: Facing Realities as a WOC in Modern Publishing

On a Neo-Nazi getting a book deal while marginalized voices continue to be ignored.

Moving To, Moving On, And Moving Past: On Weeding Books

One reader's connection between the election results and weeding her personal library.

The Importance of CHECK, PLEASE! YEAR TWO’s Kickstarter

The success of the Check, Please! Year Two Kickstarter is an important moment for the diversity of comics.

Why Are We Angry? Thoughts on Lionel Shriver’s Gaffe

On the ramifications of Lionel Shriver's speech on cultural appropriation, and why some authors are so easily offended by criticism.

5 Reasons to Participate in #Diverseathon Sept 12-19!

Celebrate diversity in books with a huge community of book lovers all over social media! Plus: 300+ diverse recommendations for this diverse readathon!