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20 Bookstagrammers of Color to Follow

Christina Orlando

Staff Writer

Christina is a champion for diversity in the lit community, and is dedicated to supporting marginalized voices across the publishing industry. She lives in New York, sports seven literary tattoos, loves all media, and is a Slytherin forever. Follow her on Twitter @cxorlando

As we look forward to the new year, it’s time to think about bringing good things into your life. If you’re like me and you use instagram a lot, it can be a great way to discover new things, whether that be activities to do, recipes to try, or ways to decorate your room. Bookstagram is an easy way to add in some beauty and bookish goodness to your life, as well as a great way to keep up with new releases and exciting reads to add to your TBR.  Books can be such a comfort when the rest of the world is dreary and depressing.

If you also want to add some diversity to your reading life, bookstagram can be a great way to find readers all across the world to get recommendations from, especially if you’re looking for #ownvoices recs. Here are a few favorites to add some color to your bookstagram feed:

[CLOSED] *REPOST/GIVEAWAY* Hey y’all, I have a surprise giveaway for you because it’s September and I think we all deserve a gift for getting through this much of the school year. So! I’m giving away 3 hardcover copies of “When Dimple Met Rishi” by Sandhya Menon! What do you have to do to enter? ??Follow me (@thatreadingwraith). ??Follow Sandhya (@sandhyamenonbooks). ??Tell me three reasons why you love Diverse books.? ??Tell me your favourite drink from Starbucks! (Maybe I’ll try them when I go to work today!?) ??You can also repost this for an extra entry with #WDMRGA and by tagging me. ??You can shoutout this post on your story for another entry. ✨International (as long as book drop ships to you)??? ✨Ends on September 30! Good luck!?

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HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE!!!!!!! Okay, okay, I know winter solstice was yesterday, but I forgot about/people got me confused about whether the solstice was on the 21st or 22nd! (For the record, I did think it was the 21st—I should never have doubted myself!!!!!! ???) ? I love winter solstice and it’s always a very happy day because it means the short, dark days will soon be growing lighting and longer! My least favorite thing about winter is how the days are so short. I wouldn’t say I get depressed or anything, but when the days grow longer, it makes me so happy! It kind of feels like a weight I didn’t know was there is lifted off and suddenly everything feels so much lighter and freer! SO HAPPY DAY! Of course, since it happens so gradually, it’ll be a while before it gets any noticeably lighter, but the prospect that it will be happening makes me happy and excited!! ? Featuring my Leslie Knope/Parks and Recreation inspired candle by @scentpopcandles! Use DOGEARED15 for a discount!!

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Always bookstore exploring ? pc: @katie.cohen

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A coincidence that I am posting blue photos every Friday. Not that the week is leaving me blue or something. ?? . . . This Trilogy precedes The Shadow of the Wind for which Carlos Ruiz zafon is most renowned for. He wrote these for young readers, those who have just started to enjoy their solitude. He wanted to write a book he would have enjoyed reading when he was 12 years old hoping adults would secretly enjoy them, reminding them what the discovery of beauty of reading novels meant to them. So, these novels deliberately hark back to bygone days when we used to loiter in the backyards or forbidden streets instead of texting and clicking selfies. . . . QOTD: Do you predict the first word on the next page when you are reading? If yes, is it deliberate or subconscious? #biblioquestions . . . . . . . . . . #carlosruizzafon #theshadowofthewind #thewatcherintheshadows #theprinceofmist #themidnightpalace #hardbacks #beautifulbooks #books #unitedbookstagram #booksbooksbooks #igreads #bookstagram #bookstagramindia #booklove #bookporn #bookgasm #bookreaders #bibliophiles #bookworms #readersofig #bookishph #bookish #bookphotos #fridayreads #winterreads #yalit #classics #nostalgicreads

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#meetthebookstagrammer2… — Happy Saturday bookies! I was tagged to do the #meetthebookstagrammer2 tag several eons ago by @beautiful.bibliophile and @_wolfandmoon! Thank you ladies! ? — ? Where would you like to live? London will always be my home, I’m 100% a city girl but hmm if I had to choose somewhere else, I’d say New York ? . ? Did you plan your bookstagram account? Nope! I stumbled into it during booktubeathon about two years ago. I posted my booktubeathon book haul and then next thing I know people are commenting and I’m posting every day. Stumbling into this community was the happiest accident ❤ . ? What’s your dream job? I’d love to be a published author and I’m working on that now ? I was talking to my buddy about this the other day though and I think it’d be fun to work in the wardrobe department of a film or tv set. And, at some point in the future, I’m thinking I might end up in academia, as a history lecturer, maybe in my alma mater ? . ? Which authors, dead or alive, would you love to meet? James Baldwin, J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, Nicola Yoon and Jane Austen ? . ? Favourite places to travel or have travelled to? Ouuu I’d love to visit New Zealand, it’s so beautiful there, plus it has Hobbiton! ? I’d also love to go to Havana, Cuba and Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan! Favourite places that I’ve travelled to are definitely New York and Monaco! ? . ? Favourite adaptation? Definitely 1000000000000% the 2005 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice! I rewatch it ALL the time, it’s the best rainy day film! It is perfection ? . ? Happy place/song/food? Happy place is snuggled in my bed on a rainy day or an Autumn walk through Green Park. Happy song… I’m not so big on pop culture music so most of what I know are from watching tv shows ? So I’ll go with Back to You by Twin Forks. That played in the first episode of Reign and it’s honestly one of the happiest scenes I’ve seen on television :’) Happy food is pizza or pasta or a cheese burger ? — #cscspotted #thesecrethistory #donnatartt #prettycitylondon #london #reader #ireadeverywhere #bookworm #book #books #booknerd #bookstagram #bookphotography #bibliophile #obviousstate #culturetripbooks

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How’s everyone doing? I’m buddy-reading A Little Life by Hanaya Yanagihara with @bibliophileandcoffee 🙂 Have you read it? I’ve heard so many good things about it☺️ • • • I first heard about this book in Books For Living by Will Schwalbe (a book I highly recommend). The author said he finished A Little Life in three days (it’s a 816-page novel) He barely ate, didn’t answer the phone and check his emails. My interest was definitely aroused because of this? • • • Also, thanks Mandy @fangirl_fantasy_book for tagging me to do the #fivebookishfacts ? 1. Twilight got me into reading and I still like it now 2. I re-read books even though I have a huge TBR 3. I panic if i forget to bring my book with me when I go out? 4. My ultimate book boyfriend is Étienne from Anna and the French Kiss? 5. I sometimes spend more time taking bookish pics than actual reading (I’m working on it though?) I’m tagging some of you but please feel free to do this tag if you like 🙂 Let’s bring the tag culture back?✌? • • • #ALittleLife #BooksforLiving #bookstagram #bookworm #bookblogger #hkig #igreads #reading #becauseofreading #yareads #vscobooks #bookaesthetic #goodreads #hkbooks #epicreads #bookphotography #instablogger

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(27.10.17) – – Another Tag filled post, I want to thank you all for tagging me and it means a lot! I’ll be paying more attention to them from now on! -#aliceinwonderlandbooktag | @notyouraveragemundane * Alice (A book you lost) : I don’t think I’ve lost any book??? * White Rabbit (Book you haven’t found time for) : The Hobbit * Mad Hatter (Book That drove you crazy) : The Secret History * Queen Of hearts (Book that destroyed you) : Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix * Knave Of Hearts (Book That gave you a hangover) : The Dream Theives * Mock Turtle (Book That made you cry) : SO maNY BUT THE RECENT ONE WAS CROOKED KINGDOM #behindthebookstagram | @themrsliteracy •Name : Hana •Height : 5’5/5’6? •Dream Job: A lot of things but perhaps a writer? •Zodiac sign : Cancer •Hair color: Black as it can get •Lucky number : don’t know •Fav subject at school : Economics & English •Day or Night: Night •Idol : uhhh idk way tooo many •What would you do with a million dollars : invest, invest, invest Im very boring wow #meetthebookstagrammer | @zeldas_books / @abookishdemon * First book you’ve ever read: I’ve been reading since I was really young so I’m not sure * Favourite Book genre : YA / Fantasy * Since when are you a reader: Since the age of 5? I think that’s when I learnt to read I’m not sure. I’ve been addicted since then * Which compliment do you prefer when reading? Music or a cup of coffee? Music * Favourite Book? This is unfAIR I CANT DO THIS * Flowers or chocolates? Going with flowers #leafbooktag | @zeldas_books/ @bayan_reads •Leaves (a book you want to jump right into) : Harrrry pottter •Pumpkin (a perfect book for Halloween) : IT •Wind (a book that blew you away) : Wonder Woman •Trees (a book you found relaxing) : The Great Gatsby •Acorn (a book you can’t wait to buy) : Obsidio •Chipmunk (a book you can’t stop talking about) : Six Of Crows •Plant (a book you wish you wrote) Ari & Dante

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