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Aimee Miles

Aimee Miles is a newly-minted librarian, mother to two small children, and former grand champion goat showman. She has collected two citizenships, three different driver’s licenses, and approximately 300 dearly loved books. Sadly, she currently has zero goats. You can see her quiet Twitter at Icanread4Miles and her blog on children's books at

3 “This Is Going To Be Good” Narrators: Great Audiobook Performers

As an audiobook aficionado, I have my favorite narrators. When I see their names on a book, it jumps to ...

9 Seattle Sports Romance Series

When you think of Seattle, you probably think of Pike Place Market and Starbucks, maybe Amazon and Microsoft if you’re ...

32 Cross-Media Recommendations: Book and Movie/TV Pairings

When I read, tone is one of the biggest things I’m looking for. Algorithm suggestions don’t work very well for ...

The Real World Dark Side of Fairy Tales

Two years ago, NPR’s Code Switch ran a story about how Taylor Swift is a darling of the current Neo-Nazis ...

How an Exercise Routine Changed My Reading Habits

One Rioter on how her reading habits have changed over time and how a new exercise habit has allowed her to fit reading physical books back into her life.

For Kids: 20 Fantasy Books To Read After Harry Potter

20 great fantasy children's books for Harry Potter fans who aren't quite ready for all the death and fascism that await in the later books.

A Reader’s Thanks to Amal El-Mohtar

Searching for your next great read is an ever elusive task. Amazon and Goodreads use their algorithms to offer books ...

3 Famous “Romantic” Lines I Don’t Find Romantic

While different literary set-ups and romantic lines ring the bell for different people (see: the breadth of the romance genre) ...

52 Awesome Children’s Books of 2018

2018 was an amazing year for children’s books—what a time to be alive!  I’ve highlighted a few of my favorites ...

20 YA Books for Middle Grade Readers

YA gets all the flash in children’s books. The movie deals, the big name authors, booktube coverage…it can feel like ...

To Fantastic Beast…or Not

One Rioter muses on whether her love for Newt Scamander or her distaste for the issues surrounding the movie will make her decision to see it.

Do We HAVE to Read Children’s Classics?

Working in a children's library as got one Rioter thinking about the merits of giving shelf space to children's classics.

Middle Grade Fantasy Books About Indian Mythology

Why you should read multiple books about modern Indian girls going on adventures inspired by Indian mythology, and about any underepresented group.

Why I Will Let My Daughter Read TWILIGHT

"One of the things that TWILIGHT did do was get a lot of kids to enjoy reading, just like HARRY POTTER."

14 (er, 18) Places for Newbies to Start in Romance

One Rioter offers 14 places to start for anyone looking to dip a toe (or jump fully) into the world of reading romance books!