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15 Literature-Themed Adult Coloring Books

Here in THE FUTURE, adults have finally learned that it’s OK to just sit and color for a while. Hooray ...

6 Absolutely Magical Unicorn Coloring Books For Your Inner Child

Remember when you were a kid and could spend hours doing a thing simply for the joy of doing it? ...

Weekend Giveaway: Dark Horse Coloring Books

Enter to win 5 Dark Horse coloring books!

6 Body Positive Coloring Books for Bodacious Babes

Body positive coloring books for all your relaxing needs!

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Adult Coloring Book

A few tips for those of you who color for stress relief.

Fun With Feminism: Workbooks, Coloring Books, & Activity Books

Have fun with feminism thanks to coloring, craft, and activity books geared toward budding and devoted feminists.

Books That Spark Family Creativity

Keep the whole family engaged with these books that spark creativity.

My Love-Hate Relationship with Adult Colouring Books

How adult coloring books both stress out and relax one reader.

Rad Recommendations for National Coloring Book Day

Grown-up coloring books for National Coloring Book day!

Mailbag Giveaway: Coloring Book Edition!

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A Publishing Craze Wish: Touch-and-Feel Books for Adults!

Where are all the interactive books for adults? Why is it only kids who get pop-ups, scratch-and-sniff, touch-and-feel, and search-and-find books?

Time To Color The 2016 Presidential Candidates

If my Twitter timeline is any indication, there are only two things people are currently talking about: the 2016 American ...

7 Adult Coloring Books for Stress and Anxiety

I was a bit standoffish when it first came to adult coloring books. I could understand the idea of them, ...

Coloring Books from Libraries & Museums for #ColorOurCollections Week

Think of it like karaoke for library and museum collections–a chance to put your own spin on a classic and ...

More Colouring Book Adaptations, Please

I have genuinely been enjoying the stream of new colouring books, each one bringing some new theme and style to life. ...