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Shakespeare and Co. Reading List

Here's a Shakespeare & Co. reading list, featuring some of the famous writers who have been a part of the notable Paris bookstore’s history. 

Bookstore Blues: Moving Away From My Favorite Bookstore

Moving away from your fave can be hard, but here are some things you can do if you find yourself pining for a bookstore no longer within physical reach.

Our Bookstore Reading Meet-Cute

Prompted by an Independent Bookstore Day tweet, one reader remembers the bookish meet-cute that led her down the wedding aisle.

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Work In A Bookstore

Thinking about working in a bookstore? Consider all the books you'll end up with, all the recs you'll have to give, all the bookish fun...wait, what?

The Little Bookshop From My Childhood

A reader remembers the little bookshop from her childhood that made her love reading even more, and the first book she bought there.

A Bookseller Becomes a Town’s Apothecary

Tiffany Phillips explains how she opened the delightful Wild Geese Bookshop in Franklin, Indiana and how the space became more than just a bookstore.

Cool Bookish Places: Steyning Bookshop

The Steyning Bookshop in Steyning, West Sussex is a great little bookshop that is well worth a visit. They host author events, workshops and much more.

Visit London’s Radical Bookstores

Whether you call it home or you're visiting, the next time you're walking around London, pay a visit to these radical bookstores that highlight diversity.

How To Open A Bookstore

We contacted the American Booksellers Association about what goes into opening a bookstore. Here's what they sent us!

What’s the Best Bookstore You’ve Ever Been To?

Come tell us the best bookstore you've ever visited.

Independent Bookstores Saved My Sanity When My Grandpa Died

Where a quest for out-of-print books of a beloved childhood series at independent bookstores helps one reader cope with a dying family member.

Booksellers and Librarians On the Weirdest Requests They’ve Gotten At Work

Two booksellers and two librarians came together to tell you about some of the weird and impossible requests they got on the job.

Cool Bookish Places: Crooked Timber Books

Crooked Timber Books in Digby, Nova Scotia Canada is a beautiful bookshop overlooking a serene harbour. Filled with great books, it's not to be missed.

The Best Bookstores in All 50 States + DC

Book Riot's favorite independent bookstores in all 50 states, plus DC!

Don’t Be That Person: 5 Etiquette Tips for the Bookstore

Don't take unpurchased books into the bathroom. Please? Please.