Make this your book club’s next read! Make this your book club’s next read! Make this your book club’s next read!

Emily Stochl

Emily is a proud Midwesterner, living in Iowa. Reading literary fiction has always been her favorite. She also enjoys yoga and tending to her hundreds of houseplants -- you might say Emily is a bit “crunchy granola." She is the producer and host of a podcast about vintage and second-hand style, called Pre-Loved Podcast. She’s really into sustainability, and old things! IG: @emilymstochl

Book Vending Machines Are the Best Vending Machines

What's better than a vending machine? A book vending machine, of course! Learn more about this literacy tool and bookish resource.

100 Years of The Newbery Medal

The beloved children’s literary prize, The Newbery Medal, will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year. Here is a bit of its history!

Books With Harmful Depictions and Shaping “the Historical Record”

With a recent decision to cease reprints of six Dr. Seuss books due to racist depictions, consider how the historical record is shaped.

Libraries Offering Services to Seniors During COVID-19 Pandemic

Taking a look at libraries offering services to seniors during the pandemic, with programs for memory care, vaccine roll-out, and more.

Archives, Archivists, and Dealing With the Trump Presidency

A look at the role of archives and archivists in preserving the historical record and how the Trump presidency invites new challenges.

What Alternatives Are There to Goodreads?

If you're a Goodreads user looking for an alternative to the platform, consider these Goodreads alternatives and reading tools.

What is a Radical Bookstore?

What is a radical bookstore? Find information on what they are, how they engage with communities, how they operate, and more.

Nostalgia for Pre-Pandemic Reading Destinations

As we continue to stay at home, one reader muses about some favorite pre-pandemic reading destinations, from childhood to today.

Cookbooks for the Wannabe GREAT BRITISH BAKING SHOW Contestant

Cookbooks for those who love the Great British Bake Off, so you can learn the art of bread week, cake week, and patisserie.

Citizenship is an Outdated Requirement for Literary Prize Eligibility

We're examining the eligibility requirements of five major literary awards, specifically looking at their positions on citizenship.