Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer

Bob Batson

Bob writes furniture descriptions for money. He lives in Brighton.

A Bookseller Becomes a Town’s Apothecary

Tiffany Phillips explains how she opened the delightful Wild Geese Bookshop in Franklin, Indiana and how the space became more than just a bookstore.

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Quotes from Susan Sontag's diaries that feel like a gut punch to the soul.

Art History Books You Can Read in a Weekend

If you are also an uncultured lump, here are five easily digestible art history books you can consume before you’re exposed as dilettante.

The 5 Best Books in the 33⅓ Series

Bloomsbury's slim volumes about beloved music albums are fun, digestible, and written with an intelligent enthusiasm that only these highly educated überfans could muster. These are the five best entries to this widely popular book series.

What Happens When Radical Bookshops Die

Independent bookstores are on the rise again, but radical bookshops that serve LGBT, Left-leaning, Anarchist, and BME groups are the first to suffer in a shifting literary industry.

5 Books To Read After #MarchForOurLives

While there is a large amount of non-fiction concerning the dismantling of gun rhetoric in the US, these five book reflect by the inclusivity of the #MarchForOurLives

When Poetry Nights Turn Into Parties

When a poetry night turns into a party: could this be the future of live performance for poets, storytellers, comedians, and musicians?

10 Books To Read Before the 2018 Oscars

Books to read before the Oscars, based on the nominees!

The 5 Weirdest Titles in Oxford’s “Very Short Introduction” Series

With five hundred and forty-four subjects covered there's bound to be some weird ones. Here are the five strangest from the Very Short Introduction series.

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A reading list for fans of Greta Gerwig's directorial debut.