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Lighting Up Our Brains: Books about Reading

Find nonfiction and fiction titles that focus on examining the act of reading and how it affects our day-to-day lives.

10 of the Best Historical Fiction Books About Books

Follow authors, librarians, and readers from 17th century London to mid-20th century Tehran in these historical fiction books about books

Cozy Fantasy Books About Books

Cozy fantasy gets even better in these 10 cozy fantasy books all about books including Bookshops & Bonedust by Travis Baldree.

20 Must-Read Books About Books

Experience the pure euphoria of reading books about other people with a deep love of literature with these books about books.

Truly Terrifying: 24 Must-Read Nonfiction Books for Horror Fans

Here's a list of must-read nonfiction for horror fans, because the truth may be stranger than fiction, but it's often scarier as well.

8 Books About Book Clubs

Looking for books about book clubs? These eight recommendations, ranging from romance to memoirs, will scratch that itch.

8 Captivating World War II Books about Books and Libraries

Can't get enough of historical fiction set during World War II? Or of books about books? This list combines the best of both worlds.

Books on Books on Historical Books

One thing about bookworms: we loves books on books. We love talking about books and reading, so why wouldn't we want to read about books, too?

10 Bibliomemoirs About the Life-Altering Power of Reading

These bibliomemoirs, including The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe, offer a glimpse into the lives of fellow book lovers, reminding us how vast the bookish community is.

What Happens to Our Brains When We Read?

If reading and writing are abnormal activities for the human brain, how well can most of us actually read? One reader embarks on a bookish investigation.