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Best Reading Apps for Kids

The best reading apps for kids to inspire that love of books and reading.

3 Romance Book Apps Designed for Romance Readers

There are so many apps for readers out there, and we're taking a look at some romance book apps, including features and pricing.

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If you listen to audiobooks on Libby, then you need these Libby audiobook hacks in your life.

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Is running your book club getting stressful? Want to start one but it's too daunting? Here are 5 free book club apps to make managing your club a breeze.

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The List App is going away, but there are other places to share bookish lists online!

5 Helpful Apps for Organizing Your Reading Life

Apps to help you organize your library holds, run a digital book club, track your reading time, and more.

Meet My New Book Tracking Addiction: Bookout

Meet the new app Bookout that helps you track time spent reading and other parts of your reading life!

A List of my Bookish Lists on

Examples for using the app to create bookish lists!

Serial App Lets You Conquer the Classics in 10 Minutes a Day

An app that helps you get through the classics with 10 minute reading installments.

Gamify Your Reading Life with Habitica!

Motivate yourself to read more books with Habitica, a website that gamifies your life.