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F*#K Yeah: 15 Sweary Bookish Goods

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Jamie Canaves

Contributing Editor

Jamie Canavés is the Tailored Book Recommendations coordinator and Unusual Suspects mystery newsletter writer–in case you’re wondering what you do with a Liberal Arts degree. She’s never met a beach she didn’t like, always says yes to dessert, loves ‘80s nostalgia, all forms of entertainment, and can hold a conversation using only gifs. You can definitely talk books with her on Litsy and Goodreads. Depending on social media’s stability maybe also Twitter and Bluesky.

Language is a beautiful thing that offers so many ways to express oneself — including with a well-timed swear word. Or many. Who’s to put a number on what’s necessary to convey the depth of your emotions? They are just words, after all, and yet, they get put in the category of being “frowned upon” in certain settings — at the very least —more often than not. I’m clearly not here to tell you to not swear. Just the opposite, really.

What I’m trying to say is that you are in the correct place if any of these things are true: If you think the statement “I love to read,” while accurate, isn’t as expressive in conveying the sheer volume that you love to read and prefer to say “I love to fucking read.” Or, you live by the motto, “Maybe swearing will help.” Maybe the idea of swear words being especially taboo when you were a child drove you into adulthood, proud to have a potty mouth!

So, if you’re a bookworm with a sweary sensibility, I found you some bookmarks, stickers, a journal, a pendant, a tote bag, a t-shirt, an enamel pin, and a mug that will appeal to both your book-loving heart and your drop-a-well-timed-f-bomb-(or other swear)-heart.

a sticker with a stack of banned books illustrated and text saying "read whatever the fuck you want -- librarians"

Banned Books Sticker Librarian ($4): Read banned books and fight anyone on team censorship to ensure everyone has access to books.

a book mark wiht a famous John Waters quote about not sleeping with anyone that doesn't own books

John Waters quote Letterpress Bookmark ($5): If you live by John Waters’ wise words, here’s a bookmark to display, use, or keep tucked in your favorite book as a reminder.

sticker illustration of a stack of books and on the spines it says go read a fucking book

Go read a fucking book sticker ($4): Here’s some more excellent, sweary advice!

illustrated sticker of woman with books covering her eyes and head and text saying "bad bitches read"

Bad Bitches Read sticker ($4): Yes, yes they do! Plus, I really like the graphic on this sticker, so stick it on your favorite thing or use it as a bookmark!

a peach tshirt with black lettering that says "bookish AF"  with the two O letters being reading glasses

Bookish AF Nerdy Tshirt ($22): Want a nerdy, bookish tee with a good “AF” on it but slightly less obvious? I got ya!

an enamel pin shaped like an opened book with black text that says "read a book motherfucker"

Read a Book Motherfucker hard Enamel Pin ($12): I mean, wise words are wise, and who doesn’t need more enamel pins to stick on a bag or jacket?

a sticker illustrated like a name tag that says "hello I'm reading fuck off"

Hello I’m Reading Fuck Off sticker ($4): A sticker perfect for your ereader, laptop, to use as a bookmark, or even to just stick on your forehead if people aren’t taking the hint!

a hot pink bookmark shaped like a hand giving the middle finger that says "fuck off I'm reading"

Fuck Off I’m Reading Magnetic Bookmark ($6): Maybe you want the same message, but less subtle and in a bookmark!

a hardcover journal with with text on the cover that says Fuck This Shit

Fuck This Shit Journal ($18): Are you a collector of journals — whether you actually use them or not? Combine that with being absolutely over everything, and this is an excellent journal to keep out for others to see.

tote bag with text saying "the only thing holding my shit together is this bag"

Funny swear tote bag ($28): Speaking of “shit,” maybe you’re not keeping it together that great, but you are carrying around your books like a champ. In which case, hello to this book tote.

illustrated sticker of a stack of books with text that says "fuck flowers buy me books"

Fuck flowers buy me books sticker ($4): Okay, I’m a “why not both?” kinda gal, but I can still get behind this. Plus, it’s perfect for anyone allergic to nature.

a magnetic bookmark in green or pink that says "sit the fuck down and read like the good girl you are"

Sit the f*ck down and read like a good girl magnetic bookmark ($5): If you like to curse at yourself to do things, here’s a magnetic bookmark.

a white cofee mug with black lettering that says "I love to read & the word fuck"

I LOVE TO READ & the Word Fuck Coffee Mug ($17): Simple and to the point, which comes in handy when you haven’t finished your first coffee of the day.

a white round pendant with black lettering that says "bookish AF"

Necklace/Key Chain Bookish AF ($10): Let the world know how bookish you are with a necklace or keychain.

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