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10 Sexcastle Quotes as Cheesy Motivational Posters

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Jess Carbert

Staff Writer

Jess is a freelance journalist with training in the mystic arts of print, television, radio, and a dash of PR. When she’s not mowing people down in her wheelchair, she’s writing like her life depends on it, or getting willfully lost in a book. Twitter: @heyits_wheels

Kyle Starks’s 2015 debut, Sexcastle, is about a former-assassin-turned-flower-shop-employee. It’s crude and irreverent, pulling no punches as readers flip through page after bawdy page. It’s also hilarious, a fact made even more pronounced if it’s quoted out-of-context. If you’re having a bad day or just need a giggle, check out these Sexcastle quotes-turned-motivational-posters (NOTE: Sexcastle is an M-rated comic. The following content contains strong language).

10 Sexcastle Quotes as Cheesy Motivational Posters |

“Well, you can suck a dick, Mr. President.”

“I’m going to pop off your head and use your neck for a toilet.”

“People can change. You don’t know shit about shit.”

“Now tell the lady you’re sorry for disrespecting her as a human and a woman or I’ll make you shit your teeth.”

“You ever hear the phrase ‘You brought a knife to a gunfight?’ Well, this is worse than that. You brought a you to a me fight.”

“Always wash your hands good.”

“I’m going to hit you so hard you stop loving boy bands and young adult fiction.”

“I am become death. Destroyer of faces.”


“No! No! No! No more talking! It’s intricate murder revenge time!”

“All you do is poop!”