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DIY: Making a Kamala Khan Costume (with No Sewing!)

Hattie Kennedy

Staff Writer

Hattie is a comics scholar and obsessive reader from Brighton(ish) but living in Glasgow, Scotland where she is working towards a PhD in Canadian Studies, more specifically about Québécois comics and politics. Mostly she reads comics about other peoples’ lives because she’s nosy like that. She is an enthusiastic, if not experienced, seamstress and could win Olympic Gold Medals if only Procrasti-Sewing and Procrasti-Baking were recognised sports. A not insignificant percentage of her free time is spent worrying about whether her cats like her as much as she likes them. She is resident Quebec Comics Monkey over at Graphixia where she likes to lay claim to being more Canadian than she really is. Twitter: @HattieK

Who wouldn’t want to go out on Halloween dressed as Ms Marvel?

(Don’t bother answering that. I already know it… NO ONE!)

That’s because she is the best and so I have come here today to share some thoughts on how you could put together a top-notch Ms Marvel ensemble with only a modicum of effort.

Now I know that not everyone delights in hanging out with some fabric paint and glitter as much as I do (shush, my mum says I am VERY cool) which is why I have tried to keep this easy peasy!



These red leggings are ideal and range from $4 to $6. Plus if you live somewhere super cold they do a fleece lined option for winter.

Meanwhile, for kids these offer a good range of sizes and are the perfect bright red for kicking butt in.

On the high street then Primark (in the UK and Europe) would definitely have some and American Apparel always has a good colour range of leggings in stock.



Ms Marvel wears a long sleeve red t-shirt under her dress

For kids this uniform shirt from Old Navy is just $8 and the collar will be hidden by a scarf so it would be ideal

A bit more expensive but perhaps more practical for future wearing would be this long sleeve red t-shirt.

Walmart also has this perfect red shirt.

However I would also like to suggest that you can convincingly replicate the effect of a long-sleeve tee by buying a pair of red tights and cutting the feet off them.

For the blue layer then this tunic is reasonably priced and quite a good fit for Ms Marvel, the neckline isn’t perfect, but this will be hidden by your scarf! Or there is this darker blue one.

Or you could buy just a regular skinny fit blue t-shirt from Target or Walmart or similar and then cinch it under the arms with a safety pin or similar; I am a big fan of the humble bulldog clip to pull things in.


If you’re a little bit crafty then cutting a piece of red fabric and then hemming it (or using Wonder Web) would be a way to get a really nice dramatic scarf (I’m sorry I just couldn’t help myself). Cheap bed sheets can be a good source of fabric for costumes, a cheap, red fitted or flat sheet would be perfect for this.

But really any large red scarf would do, there are dozens available on Amazon, such as this one.

Lightning Bolt

All of the iron on lightning bolts I found online in the US were too small (UK-based readers, this one seems like a good shout). I suggest therefore that if you have a printer at home you buy some iron transfer paper and print your own. You can then simply follow the instructions to apply it to the front of your t-shirt.

Alternatively, a fabric one could be applied using wonder web or fabric glue to adhere it to the t-shirt.

Alternative Kamala Costume

Our Managing Editor Swapna does a fine line in casual cosplay as Kamala and her outfit draws on the cover to Volume One of the trade paper backs for this title. In this image Kamala is wearing jeans, a black t-shirt with lightning bolt and a purple floral scarf.


This would be much easier to create than her costume and has a certain laidback cool that I think is awesome.

You can get a black skinny fit t-shirt and adhere a lightning bolt as per the instructions above.

Or alternatively on Amazon you can buy an official Ms Marvel T-shirt. You can also buy an official one on We Love Fine.

And this two tone scarf would work to complete the ensemble.

If you are in Australia then this Etsy shop does the cutest Ms Marvel costumes for kids and adults!

What superhero inspiration are you taking for Halloween this year? Let me know in the comments below!