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Off-Panel: October 23, 2014

I was going to fill this article with some ice cream flavors I thought of and scribbled down in the middle of the night. “Outer Space.” “Vanilla 2.” But those ideas could prove treacherous in the wrong hands. Instead, some links. 

“Back in July, DC Entertainment stepped in to insist that the statue could not use the Superman logo, but within a day the company reversed itself and allowed the project to go ahead with its support. The statue has a secondary significance to Toronto and DC, because Superman co-creator Joe Shuster was born in the city.”

A very special statue was unveiled in Toronto this weekend. Glad that, in the end, DC stopped and said, “Wait. What would Superman do? Hell, what would any decent person do?”


“I think the only thing along those lines that is kind of like a pet peeve is when they are describing the artist’s work and they use words to describe coloring but they don’t talk about the colors or the colorist. So they’ll say, “Oh McKelvie’s work is so colorful,” but they won’t talk about the colors in the panels and what they’re doing, or the colorist, and I don’t think they even notice it all the time.”

Matt Wilson talks about coloring The Wicked & The Divine, and the misunderstood craft of hues and saturation.


“Thrillbent, the digital comics publisher from Leverage and Blue Beetle writer John Rogers and comics legend Mark Waid, has launched a new comics reader app that is capable not only of reading Thrillbent titles but also comics purchased through other publishers in PDF, CBZ and CBR formats.”

Mark Waid doesn’t just write terrific comics, he’s also the Wallace and Gromit of digital comics initiatives and experiments. Yes, both of them. Maybe that cunning penguin too. This metaphor got away from me. Anyway, now Thrillbent has even more bells and whistles.



“Aaron Sparrow, the editor and driving force of the DW comics has gone back and painstakingly rewritten the book to bring it in step with the classic Disney Afternoon series. I also had the opportunity to revisit the art and make this edition the true Terror That Flaps In The Night. This omnibus also features the stellar work of Darkwing creator Tad Stones, artist Sabrina Alberghetti, writer Ian Brill, colorists Andrew Dalhouse and Lisa Moore, letterer Deron Bennett and cover artist Amy Mebberson.”

Duck. Yes.


Disney’s Pinocchio remains one of my favorite horror films. They’re finally releasing a sequel.