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34 Middle-earth Map Decorations to Show Off Your Lord of the Rings Love

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Danika Ellis

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If you are a Lord of the Rings super fan, there’s a good chance you want to display your love of the series on your walls (and likely your clothing, too). There is an overwhelming amount of LOTR merch and art to choose from, though: how do you sift through it to find the items that match not just your fandom but also your personal style?

Luckily, there are tons of options for LOTR decorations and accessories that use maps of Middle-earth. If you’ll also love travel, this will be a perfect match for your aesthetic. They’re also a great option for displaying your love of the series without feeling like you’re surrounded by movie posters or advertisements. Some of these are immediately recognizable as J.R.R. Tolkien, while others are subtle enough that only fellow fans will know at a glance.

There were so many beautiful pieces on Etsy based just on LOTR maps! They range from house decor, like canvas prints and pillows, to accessories like wallets and necklaces, as well as some stickers and other pieces of art to brighten up your Tolkien-loving life!

Home Decor

Middle-earth map print

Of course, you can’t get more direct than this giant Middle-earth map print spread over three canvases. This would be a real eye-catcher in your home. $180–385, depending on size.

3D wood lazer carving of map of Middle Earth

I can’t stop staring at this gorgeous 3D wood map of Middle-earth. $63.99–239.99, depending on size.

Wooden Middle-earth map

And another wooden 3D Middle-earth map to choose from! $100–300, depending on size.

Hand-drawn map of Middle-earth

If you want to feel like you’re actually there, unfurling your trusty map to help you navigate the terrain, you’ll want this hand-drawn map made to look weathered. $339

Digital map of Middle-earth

It doesn’t escape me that a lot of these map choices are fairly pricy. For a more affordable choice, get this printable digital download of a Middle-earth map instead! $7

Lord of the Rings map of Isengard print

Of course, maybe you don’t need a map of all of Middle-earth. This map of Isengard may be all you need! It’s available from 4″x6″ to 36″x48.” $17–133, depending on size.

Imitation of Thror's Map from Lord of the Rings

Another map that makes you feel like you’re on your own quest, this imitation of Thrór’s Map is a scroll with slightly burnt edges for that adventurers’ look. $30

Tube map of Middle-earth

Not all Lord of the Rings maps are taken directly from the books! This Middle-earth tube map keeps track of all the stops on the Middle-earth underground. $34

Lord of the Rings Middle Earth art print

For a less literal interpretation of a map, this art print represents some of the areas featured the most in Lord of the Rings, done in a flowing illustration style. $18

Travel poster-style illustrations of Hobbiton, The Lonely Mountain, and Mordor

These clean, simplified travel poster-style maps of Middle-earth will make you feel like you can simply walk into Mordor…or at least Hobbiton! $20

Middle-earth map coasters

Prints aren’t the only way to display Lord of the Rings maps, though! These wood coasters combine (Settlers of Catan–style) into a Middle-earth map. Right now, these are $51 (usually $102).

Trunk with Middle-earth map on lid

For the same price as some of these prints, you can get a beautiful miniature trunk with a hand-painted Middle-earth map on the top. $148

Wooden pipe box with Middle-earth map on lid

For something a little smaller to keep on your coffee table, take a look at this wooden “pipe box.” $48

Hand-painted paper lamp with Middle-earth map

I highly recommend clicking through to see this hand-painted paper lamp from every angle! It is stunning. $63

Middle-earth map cushion

Cuddle up with Middle-earth using this Lord of the Rings cushion! $29

Art & Miscellany

Lord of the Rings artwork with sheet music

I always wanted to include a few pieces of artwork that feature LOTR maps as just one part of the work. This print also uses Lord of the Rings sheet music to form a silhouette of some of the characters. $10

Silhouettes of Lord of the Rings characters using Middle-earth maps

Another maps and silhouettes pairing, you can get this set of all four characters, or check out the individual listings for Bilbo Baggins, Frodo Baggins, Gandalf, or Gollum. $16

Cross stitch of Middle-earth map

If you’re a crafter, this cross-stitch pattern of Thorin’s map will be right up your alley! $5

Cross-stitch of the Shire from Lord of the RIngs

Or you can concentrate on the Shire with this embroidery pattern! Make it a set with the Mordor pattern as well. $10

Lord of the Rings pencil roll printed with Middle-earth map

Another great option for artists is this Middle-earth map pencil roll, so you can transport all your illustration instruments in style! $25

Middle-earth map leather Lord of the Rings journal

Pair your pencil roll with this leather journal engraved with a map of Middle-earth! $39

Wooden Middle-earth map journal

Or you can pick up this wooden journal instead, laser-engraved with Middle-earth. $38

Middle-earth map watercolor stickers

If you are anything like me, getting this beautiful watercolor map of Middle-earth sticker will leave you overwhelmed with where to permanently stick it. Maybe get a couple, just to be safe! $4

Middle-earth map postcard

It’s always charming to get a postcard in the mail, but sending a LOTR fan one of these watercolor postcards would definitely make their day. It’s just a matter of convincing yourself to part with it! $2

Middle-earth map envelopes

If a postcard is too restrictive, print out some of these map of Middle-earth envelopes to put your letters in instead! $4

Fashion & Accessories

Middle-earth map leather wallet

Carry your Lord of the Rings love with you everywhere by getting this Middle-earth map leather wallet! $49

Middle-earth map face mask

Or you can wear your fandom right on your face with this Lord of the Rings map face mask! $20

Lord of the Rings infinity scarf printed with a map of Middle-earth

The map of Middle-earth works so well in this silk infinity scarf! It looks like a beautiful pattern from a distance, with the LOTR connection only made obvious on closer inspection. $50

Pocket watch with Middle-earth map

I aspire to have the kind of gravitas that this Lord of the Rings pocket watch exudes. $20

Middle-earth map phone case

If your pocket watch is a phone, outfit it with this wooden Middle-earth map phone case! $20

Gondor and Mordor Lord of the RIngs bowtie

Admittedly, there isn’t a lot of real estate on a bowtie to show off a map of Middle-earth, but this Lord of the Rings Gondor and Mordor map bowtie was too cute not to include! $18

Middle-earth map necklace

Likewise, this Middle-earth necklace can only show off a teeny portion of a map, but it still is a fantastic way to signal your fandom loyalty to the people around you. $15

Middle-earth map skirt

If a bowtie or necklace is too subtle, you’ll want to pick up this map of Middle-earth skirt instead. $45 without pockets, $50 with.

Bonus: A Dragon

Posable leather dragon painted with elements of the map of Middle-earth

For something that doesn’t quite fit into any other category: a posable leather dragon that has wings painted with fragments of the map of the Lonely Mountain (from The Hobbit). $160

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