Episode 223
O’Neal’s Razor is Satisfied

This week, Jeff and Rebecca talk about follow up about Audible for dogs and coloring book sales, unpack the non-profit Voldemort movie, Michiku Kakutani’s forthcoming book, swearing in books, and much more.

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The Hawkweed Legacy by Irina Bringnull

The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin

Links discussed in this episode:

Unofficial Harry Potter movie about Voldemort gets Warner Brothers approval

Do a thing: $5 for every copy of new Ta-Nehisi Coates sold at Print going to African American Teaching Fellows 

Michiko Kakutani has a book deal

Assistant Principal fired for writing children’s book about Pepe the Frog 

American books are getting more profane 

The Ripped Bodice is creating a community for romance readers