New Releases and More for July 7, 2020

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This week, Liberty and Kelly discuss The Cold Vanish, The Voting Booth, Want, and more great books.

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The Cold Vanish: Seeking the Missing in North America’s Wildlands by Jon Billman

Into the Streets: A Young Person’s Visual History of Protest in the United States by Marke Bieschke

The Color of Air: A Novel by Gail Tsukiyama

The Voting Booth by Brandy Colbert

Want: A Novel by Lynn Steger Strong

The Sirens of Mars: Searching for Life on Another World by Sarah Stewart Johnson

Burn Our Bodies Down by Rory Power

Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century by Alice Wong


My Eyes Are Up Here by Laura Zimmermann

Leave the World Behind: A Novel by Rumaan Alam


Once You Go This Far: A Mystery by Kristen Lepionka

Alice Knott by Blake Butler

Mother Daughter Widow Wife: A Novel by Robin Wasserman

Separated: Inside an American Tragedy by Jacob Soboroff

Marah Chase and the Fountain of Youth: A Novel by Jay Stringer

After the Body: New & Selected Poems by Cleopatra Mathis

Seekers of the Wild Realm (The Wild Realm) by Alexandra Ott

Eight Lane Runaways by Henry McCausland

Let Them Eat Pancakes: One Man’s Personal Revolution in the City of Light by Craig Carlson

Breathing Through the Wound: A Novel by Víctor del Árbol, Lisa Dillman (translator)

Memoirs and Misinformation: A novel by Jim Carrey and Dana Vachon

Antkind: A Novel by Charlie Kaufman

You’re Next by Kylie Schachte

Katrina: A History, 1915–2015 by Andy Horowitz

Long Story Short: Turning Famous Books into Cartoons by Mr. Fish

Let them Eat Tweets: How the Right Rules in an Age of Extreme Inequality by Jacob S. Hacker, Paul Pierson

The Marked Volume 1: Fresh Ink by David Hine, Brian Haberlin, Geirrod Van Dyke

Hard Wired by Len Vlahos

Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust

The Damned by Renée Ahdieh

The Psychic Soviet by Ian F Svenonius

Members Only by Sameer Pandya

Paying the Land by Joe Sacco

Coop Knows the Scoop by Taryn Souders

Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall

Feminist City: Claiming Space in a Man-Made World by Leslie Kern

How to Take Awesome Photos of Cats by Andrew Marttila

The Rules of Contagion: Why Things Spread–And Why They Stop by Adam Kucharski

Fresh Water for Flowers by Valérie Perrin, Hildegarde Serle (translator)

The Hungover Games: A True Story by Sophie Heawood

The Lost City: The Omte Origins (from the World of the Trylle) by Amanda Hocking

The Well-Gardened Mind: The Restorative Power of Nature by Sue Stuart-Smith

Rockaway: Surfing Headlong into a New Life by Diane Cardwell

Dewey Defeats Truman: The 1948 Election and the Battle for America’s Soul by A. J. Baime

Demagogue: The Life and Long Shadow of Senator Joe McCarthy by Larry Tye

The Golden Thread: The Cold War and the Mysterious Death of Dag Hammarskjöld by Ravi Somaiya

Live to Tell the Tale: Combat Tactics for Player Characters by Keith Ammann

Notes on a Silencing: A Memoir by Lacy Crawford

Gatecrasher: How I Helped the Rich Become Famous and Ruin the World by Ben Widdicombe

A Natural History of Color: The Science Behind What We See and How We See it by Rob DeSalle

One to Watch: A Novel by Kate Stayman-London

Random Sh*t Flying Through the Air by Jackson Ford

Lady Romeo: The Radical and Revolutionary Life of Charlotte Cushman, America’s First Celebrity by Tana Wojczuk

Miss Graham’s Cold War Cookbook: A Novel by Celia Rees

Of Mutts and Men (A Chet & Bernie Mystery) by Spencer Quinn

The Ballad of Big Feeling by Ari Braverman

Modern Witchcraft: Goddess Empowerment for the Kick-Ass Woman by Deborah Blake

The Book of Fatal Errors (The Feylawn Chronicles) by Dashka Slater

Quitter: A Memoir of Drinking, Relapse, and Recovery by Erica C. Barnett

The Lost and Found Bookshop: A Novel by Susan Wiggs

Bonnie: A Novel by Christina Schwarz

True Love: A Novel by Sarah Gerard

In the Land of Good Living: A Journey to the Heart of Florida by Kent Russell

The End of White Politics: How to Heal Our Liberal Divide by Zerlina Maxwell

Red Dust by Yoss, David Frye (translator)

Say It Louder!: Black Voters, White Narratives, and Saving Our Democracy by Tiffany Cross

The Good Luck Stone by Heather Bell Adams

Monstress: Stories (Art of the Story) by Lysley Tenorio

Craigslist Confessional: A Collection of Secrets from Anonymous Strangers by Helena Dea Bala

Every Sky a Grave: A Novel by Jay Posey

Watching You Without Me: A novel by Lynn Coady

The Big Book of Mars by Marc Hartzman

The Book of Dragons: An Anthology by Jonathan Strahan

Sensation Machines by Adam Wilson

Bright Precious Thing: A Memoir by Gail Caldwell

Mapping Humanity: How Modern Genetics Is Changing Criminal Justice, Personalized Medicine, and Our Identities by Joshua Z. Rappoport

Lake Life: A Novel by David James Poissant

Fast Girls: A Novel of the 1936 Women’s Olympic Team by Elise Hooper

You Again: A Novel by Debra Jo Immergut

An Education in Ruin by Alexis Bass

B*witch by Paige McKenzie and Nancy Ohlin

Dress Coded by Carrie Firestone

Survivor Song: A Novel by Paul Tremblay

Last One Out Shut Off the Lights by Stephanie Soileau

The Caiplie Caves: Poems by Karen Solie

Desert Notebooks: A Road Map for the End of Time by Ben Ehrenreich

The Lost Art of Dying: Reviving Forgotten Wisdom by L.S. Dugdale

American Follies by Norman Lock

Scorpionfish by Natalie Bakopoulos

22 Minutes of Unconditional Love by Daphne Merkin

Out of Time by David Klass

Open Secrets by Sheila Kohler

The Case of the Vanishing Blonde: And Other True Crime Stories by Mark Bowden

The Party Upstairs by Lee Conell

Haunted Heroine (Heroine Complex Book 4) by Sarah Kuhn

Not Like the Movies by Kerry Winfrey

The Princess Will Save You by Sarah Henning

Accidental by Alex Richards

A Peculiar Peril (The Misadventures of Jonathan Lambshead) by Jeff VanderMeer

The Vapors: A Southern Family, the New York Mob, and the Rise and Fall of Hot Springs, America’s Forgotten Capital of Vice by David Hill

Cinderella Is Dead by Kalynn Bayron

All These Monsters by Amy Tintera

The Bright Lands by John Fram

Becoming Duchess Goldblatt by Anonymous

Unravel the Dusk (The Blood of Stars) by Elizabeth Lim

Not Your All-American Girl by Wendy Wan-Long Shang and Madelyn Rosenberg

Faith: Taking Flight by Julie Murphy

Unconquerable Sun by Kate Elliott

Cool for America: Stories by Andrew Martin

Florence Adler Swims Forever: A Novel by Rachel Beanland

Vernon Subutex 2: A Novel by Virginie Despentes, Frank Wynne (translator)

Branwell: A Novel of the Brontë Brother by Douglas A. Martin

Artifact by Arlene Heyman

Scare Me by K. R. Alexander

Cinderbiter: Celtic Poems by Martin Shaw and Tony Hoagland

Hurry Home: A Novel by Roz Nay

The Heir Affair (The Royal We) by Heather Cocks, Jessica Morgan

Or What You Will by Jo Walton

Ghost Hunter’s Daughter by Dan Poblocki

Love, Jacaranda by Alex Flinn

Not Another Love Song by Olivia Wildenstein

The Golden Thread: The Cold War Mystery Surrounding the Death of Dag Hammarskjöld by Ravi Somaiya

The Act of Living: What the Great Psychologists Can Teach Us About Finding Fulfillment by Frank Tallis

The Beauty in Breaking: A Memoir by Michele Harper

The Unleashed by Danielle Vega

A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor: A Novel by Hank Green

The Golden Cage by Camilla Läckberg, Neil Smith (translator)

Finders Creepers (Half Past Peculiar Book 1) by Derek Fridolfs, Dustin Nguyen

Fraternity: Stories by Benjamin Nugent

The Last Wife by Karen Hamilton

The Heart and Other Monsters: A Memoir by Rose Andersen

Standoff: Race, Policing, and a Deadly Assault That Gripped a Nation by Jamie Thompson

The Shadows: A Novel by Alex North

The Patient by Jasper DeWitt

The Son of Good Fortune: A Novel by Lysley Tenorio

Muse Squad: The Cassandra Curse by Chantel Acevedo

How to Write a Story by Kate Messner, Mark Siegel

Danbi Leads the School Parade by Anna Kim

History Smashers: The Mayflower by Kate Messner