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Kickstart This: Asphodel, a Space Opera

Swapna Krishna

Staff Writer

Swapna is the Comics Editor at Book Riot. She's a Space Columnist for Paste Magazine and writes for Syfy Wire—Fangrrls,, Bustle, and other sites. She co-hosts a podcast called Desi Geek Girls. You can find her incessant ramblings on Twitter at @skrishna. She lives outside Philadelphia.

The comics crowdfunding world is large and difficult to keep track of; each week, we highlight a few fundraising projects that are worth your time, attention, and maybe your dollars!


(1) Asphodel: A Mythic Space Opera – Alex Kane

We love comics in space, so a space opera sounds right up our alley. It features a black hero named Vic who is coming home from war, and a human race that is trying to achieve immortality through digital means. Intrigued? I certainly am. The comic is currently a one-shot, but it has series potential if the Kickstarter does well. I’m also a sucker for watercolor art (by Gale Galligan), so I’m on board for this.

Recommended pledge: $15 gets you a print edition of the comic as well as a digital edition and free digital stories by the authors.

(2) Identity – Edward Witt

This is for a comic anthology by Northside Comic Artists, a group in Chicago, that deals with the theme of “identity.” That’s always a provocative and interesting topic, so I’m interested to see what these 15 artists have come up with.

Recommended pledge: $8 get you a print and digital edition of the 44-page black and white comic.

(3) Ebony Kiss #1 – Del Hewitt Jr.

Set in the 1860s, this is the story of the first African American cowgirl. I don’t need to know anything else about it; I’m here for this.

Recommended pledge: $8 gets you a print edition of the comic, numbered and signed.