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10 Indestructible Books for Babies

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Katie Moench


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When you’re a baby, books aren’t just books. Books can also be play toys, chew toys, and occasionally even bath toys, which means that keeping books intact can be quite the challenge for parents and caregivers. As part of developing early literacy skills, it’s important that the youngest of readers can interact with and enjoy books as objects. Even if a child isn’t using a book traditionally, just their awareness of books as entertaining objects will help set them up for future success in reading. Additionally, books specially made to be indestructible baby books can also serve as teething toys or help babies develop their motor skills through extra-thick, easily turnable pages and lift the flap options.

Below are some great book options to hand to babies who love books, but also have a baby’s knack for destruction. Whether you’re trying to find indestructible baby books that can stand up to bath time and spills, an interactive option that won’t immediately rip, or something your baby can chew on without worry, the choices below are sure to stand up to even the most active little readers. From classic nursery rhymes to fun with animals and friends, your baby will love these indestructible baby books!

Let's go outside baby book

Indestructibles: Let’s Go Outside! Illustrated by Ekaterina Trukhan, Created by Amy Pixton

Indestructibles is a line of books created by a parent who was looking for a chew-safe, tear-proof, and non-toxic option for babies to read (and teeth on)! You can find books on subjects ranging from holidays and family outings to animals and the great outdoors in their collection.

Indestructibles nursery rhymes books

Indestructibles Classic Nursery Rhymes

Indestructibles also offers classic stories and rhymes in their baby-safe format. If you have a tiny reader in your life, this set of six nursery rhyme books could be a great choice.

Dinosairs big and little baby book

Dinosaurs Big & Little by Cottage Door Press

Another option for babies in the teething stage, Tuffy Books are chew-safe and come with a built-in teether along the spine, along with sweet illustrations for your baby to enjoy.

Little elephant's friend cloth book

Little Elephant’s Friend by Cottage Door Press

Cloth books can be another great option for little hands. Try this sweet story of an elephant and his friends, which comes with sewn-on ear flaps!

never touch a porcupine baby book

Never Touch a Porcupine! by Rosie Greening and Stuart Lynch

Touch and feel books are a great way to engage babies when reading, but they can wear out quickly. The solution? Try a silicon touch and feel book to provide sensory input while reading.

Funny Farm Animals baby book

Funny Farm Animals by Little Hippo Books

Another touch and feel silicone option, this one is perfect for babies who love practicing their farm animal sounds.

Things that go vroom baby book

Things That Go Vroom: Teaching Tots by Little Hippo Books

For slightly older readers, Little Hippo Books also has a Teaching Tots line of books. Pick up this one about “things that go vroom” for your train or truck-obsessed kid.

Playful penguins bath book

Playful Penguins by Melissa and Doug

For the baby who wants to bring books everywhere, try a bath book, which will even stand up to being dunked in the tub. This one comes with three floating penguins and an attached bag to store them in.

In the Zoo bath book

In the Zoo (My First Noisy Bath Books) by Debbie Rivers-Moore and Caroline Davis

Another bath book option, this one is full of fun animal noises for babies to explore!

Custom cloth baby book

Custom Cloth Books by Verdant Violet

If you really want to personalize your baby’s books, contact Verdant Violet on Etsy for one of her indestructible, custom-made books.

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