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Frightfully-Fun Halloween Book Club Ideas for Your Next Meeting

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P.N. Hinton

Contributing Editor

Born into a family of readers, P.N. gained a love reading as a sort of herd mentality. This love of reading has remained a life long passion, resulting in an English Degree from The University of Houston in Houston, Texas. She normally reads three to four books at any given time, in the futile Sisyphean hope of whittling down her ever growing to be read pile of no specific genre.

If you’re reading this with glee and a notepad handy to get Halloween book club ideas, then you’ve likely been preparing for Halloween since July 5th, which is the official* start of the Halloween season. And honestly, I’m here for that type of energy. Since stores showcase Christmas decorations as early as September, then Halloween can start early as well. *per the Council of Spooky People

I look forward to this time of the year annually, even if we don’t really get to experience fall where I live. At best, it’s just a brief time of year when it’s slightly less hot than it has recently been. But I live for all the vibes, even if I live vicariously through them through pictures of actual fall, movies, and, of course, books. 

Suffice it to say, my book club goes all out around this time of the year. We all enjoy Halloween in various ways and come together to show our love together with a book ready to go. I’m talking horror novels, fire pits, s’mores, pumpkin spice…the works. And this year will be no different, I’m sure, no matter who is hosting. 

If you’re also in a book club and looking to throw a Halloween-themed meet-up, here are some items about décor, themes, and recommendations to help make it a fantastic meet-up.

Halloween Book Club Decor

These will help to set the mood from the very start of the meet-up! I could make an entire post about bookish Halloween decor — thankfully, someone else has! Once you peruse the options below, here are lots more ideas for Halloween book decor.

Halloween book page banner garland

Halloween Book Banner by HasDesignStudio

If you want to set the stage from the moment that your book club walks in, then this banner hanging on an entryway will certainly help to do so. $15

Halloween book stack

Halloween Book Stack by HasDeisgnStudio

My club and I are leaning more into our witchy roots recently due to the chaotic Thunderdome that is the world right now. So we would definitely want this particular stack of books for our decorations, although the shop does have a variety of other options. $25

Halloween Book Club Party Favors

A goodie bag isn’t just for kids. After all, what’s a party without favors?

Halloween Wine Glass Charms

Wine Glass Charms by RDDESIGNSbyDeborah

You can have these set out so that your members can pick a charm to go with their wine glass or goblet so everyone knows which drink belongs to which person. I’m confident that there’s a charm that perfectly matches each member’s personality. $12

Sticker of a coffin that says "Death by TBR"

Death by TBR Sticker by BookishThingsNMore

And who doesn’t love a good sticker? Perfect for some ‘just because’ gifts for the members, and I’m sure this is a sentiment that we can all get behind. $2.50

Blind date with a book horror themed scratch off poster

Blind Date With a Book Scratch-off by TreasuredTropesPaper

If you want to embrace the horror vibes for the next couple of meet-ups, then this can be used to help in picking out the next book. It is also something that can be used as an option for meet-ups where no one knows what to read next. Let the card decide for you! $9

Set of horror/suspense book discussion question cards

Book Discussion Questions by ArtInspiresTime

At some point between the festivities, you should probably actually talk about the book that was read, and these questions are a good jumping-off point. $5

Halloween Book Club Recommendations

Come on now. Y’all really didn’t think we wouldn’t have some recommendations for the meet-up, right? I have a good mix of possible titles here for your consideration and some links to other posts full of excellent reads for a Halloween book club. Hopefully, at least one, if not all, will catch your attention for this and possible future meet-ups.

Book cover of The Ex Hex

The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling

Years ago, witch Vivi had her heart broken by fellow witch Rhys and cast what was intended to be a silly little hex on him. When the playboy returns years later to recharge the ley lines and starts being the victim of magically related hijinks, she realizes that the hex may have worked all too well. Now, they two must work together to break it before more calamity, and possibly love, occurs.

Payback's a Witch by Lana Harper Cover

Payback’s a Witch by Lana Harper

When Gareth broke Emmy’s heart, she left her hometown of Thistle Grove. When familial duty calls her home for the semicentennial spellcasting tournament, she is determined to not stay any longer than she has to. Then she finds out that Gareth also played her best friend Linden as well as the attractive Talia; she conspires with them to get revenge on the playboy. As the plan pans out, the attraction with Talia grows, leaving Emmy to wonder if she really wants to return to Chicago.

cover of A Night of Screams

A Night of Screams edited by Richard Z. Santos

This is a collection of short stories and poems from some of the most prolific voices in Latino literature. There is a wide variety of terrifying tales here that feature folklore horror figures like La Llorona and the Chupacabra, as well as allegorical horror that highlights the challenges and prejudices that are faced every day.

cover of The Black Guy Dies First

The Black Guy Dies First by Robin R. Means Coleman, PhD, and Mark H. Harris

I don’t think it can be argued that for most of its history, horror movies were very monochromatic until 1968’s Night of the Living Dead. In this book, the authors do a thorough breakdown of that movie and the tropes and themes that have come out since then regarding Black characters and their roles in horror.

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Until Next Time

And that’s all I have for y’all today. No matter what you decide to do for your own meet-up, just remember to have fun. After all, that is why most of us join and keep up with a book club. I’m proud to say that mine has been going strong since 2015 and shows no sign of stopping. As always, happy reading, and stay hydrated.