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Cool Comics Places: Dave’s Comics in Brighton, UK.

If you ever happen to be in Brighton, UK, and are looking for a cool bookish place, especially a place that caters to comic book lovers, look no further than Dave’s Comics.

A short walk from the historic lanes and nestled amongst a ton of other great used bookshops and cafes, Dave’s is actually made up of two shops that are almost side by side.

Dave's Comics Brighton

The first shop contains almost all comic- and film-related toys and posters. And there are a lot of them. It also has a great selection of table top games and traditional board games. These made me insanely jealous of anyone who has enough time on their hands to play.

The other shop is wall-to wall comics with almost everything you need. As a high school librarian, this place is paradise just for the recommendations alone.

Dave’s knows how to organise their collection. They have sections devoted to younger readers, providing world-less picture books and other books perfect for getting your young ones started with an possibly unhealthy obsession with comic books. They also have cool read-alike areas, like graphic novels just for lovers of Archie comics.

They also have a section devoted to all-female creators and an LGTBQ+ shelf.

Dave's Comics BrightonI came away with several ideas for not only beefing up the library’s graphic novel collection, but for shelving arrangement and signage.

I suggest getting to Dave’s early because it gets crowded. The good news is it’s crowded with comic book fans—and they’re comic book fans, so they’re over-apologetic and more than happy to talk to you about comic book recommendations.

Brighton itself is a truly unique place. I could write post after post devoted to the used bookshops and weird and wonderful graffiti that adorns the buildings.

Dave's Comics BrightonYou would, however, be missing out if you didn’t check out Dave’s Comics. It’s a really cool place and in turn makes you feel cool just for entering its doors. Check it out.