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Ok, we’re back! Netflix dropped an even LONGER Daredevil spot yesterday and so course Scott and I had to do another breakdown (considering we’re both so excited for this series we could puke.)

(But we won’t. Puke, that is.)


(((Just read on, please.)))


Scott Carelli: Go!

Preeti Chhibber: LOVE that we get Kingpin talking first omg

Scott Carelli: I’m loving the focus on Kingpin this time around

Preeti Chhibber: Ooh I think he’s going to be creepy as hell in addition to just being terrifying in general.

Scott Carelli: Our first look at Ben Urich!

Preeti Chhibber: Yes!! I think he’s going to be great.

Scott Carelli: Oh yeah, I already love his board of crazy.

Preeti Chhibber: I love a good psycho-wall. (Except when Peter Parker does it.)

Scott Carelli: The cardboard Nelson & Murdock sign is a nice touch.

Preeti Chhibber: Yeah, and their little folding table.

Scott Carelli: Foggy seems so great. I already love him.

Preeti Chhibber: Agreed. Fulton from Mighty Ducks is going to be great.

Preeti Chhibber: I’m excited that this is going to be an episodic origin story.

Scott Carelli: I kind of hope it’s not the whole season though? I think I could deal with maybe six episodes of that before getting impatient.

Preeti Chhibber: Yeah, but I think it’ll be nice to get it over a few episodes vs. the movie version, if that makes sense.

Scott Carelli: Absolutely. It also seems like they’re going to be downplaying his sonar power.

Preeti Chhibber: You think? I can’t tell as much from this trailer, but the “I hear things” seems like a tip.

Scott Carelli: Yeah, but it seems to me that they’re going to ground it a bit more than the sonar 360 grid that he usually has in the comics.

Preeti Chhibber: Yeah, I don’t think we’ll get the hot pink haha. It doesn’t fit within the gritty spectrum.

Scott Carelli: Like, he can hear better than most people and he uses it to “see” but it’s not like a super power per say. More like a focus/concentration you know?

Preeti Chhibber: Yeah, I see what you mean. I’m okay with that.

Scott Carelli: And I’m totally cool with that idea too, I definitely think it fits the tone a lot more.

Preeti Chhibber: Absolutely – I think they’re trying to make this a “believable” superhero story if that makes sense. I do love how many seeing and blind lines they throw into this trailer w/o making it campy. “You’re blind but you SEE so much.” lololol

Scott Carelli: Yes. And I love that it’s a triple entendre.

Preeti Chhibber: Hahaha yes!!

Scott Carelli: Because obviously yes he’s Daredevil and blind but can see. So there’s that.

Preeti Chhibber: Also Justice.

Scott Carelli: But also he was blind to crime and now he can see it.

Preeti Chhibber: Hahahahaha.

Scott Carelli: And then also his religion/Catholicism. “I was blind, now I see” being a bible quote. And about sinners no less.

Preeti Chhibber: Ah yes, only now he’s blind and he can see DAREDEVIL.

Scott Carelli: Indeed!

Preeti Chhibber: OMG, I love love love the scene of him all beat up and cringing in pain. He is going to make some mad missteps, and I love a good Daredevil eff up.

Scott Carelli: Daredevil getting beat up is the best stuff. He makes it look good. You can’t help but root for the guy. He just tries so hard.

Preeti Chhibber: And it’s always because he just thinks about things in the most WRONG way and you’re just like omg Matt. omg Matt stop being crazy.

Scott Carelli: Haha maybe that’ll be the arc of the season, learning to be a hero rather than a crazy vigilante.

Preeti Chhibber: Oh man, I can only hope!

Scott Carelli: So I think there are two costumes in this trailer. There’s the one we’ve seen.

Preeti Chhibber: Ok the black one and then…

Scott Carelli: And then there’s another that’s similar, but has red threading in it? Like piping.

Preeti Chhibber: Oh yeah, I see it. I can’t tell if that’ll be two costumes, or just Matt drying to find his dark clothes.

Scott Carelli: And has the hand wraps. Which are SO cool.

Preeti Chhibber:. Oh yeah! I missed those!

Scott Carelli: I love love love the hand wraps.

Preeti Chhibber: Yes, I am into it. I hope we get a ton of scenes of that little kid learning to fight. He’s so cute. Oh man, I love D’Onofrio’s Kingpin voice.

Scott Carelli: He’s absolutely nailing it. But it’s hard for me to shake the Kingpin voice from the 90s Spider-Man cartoon. That’s what I’ve ALWAYS heard in my head when reading Kingpin.

Preeti Chhibber: Hahah I knowwww. Also, Michael Clarke Duncan had a GREAT Kingpin voice.

Scott Carelli: He did! I like the Kingpin to have that sort of… faux rich businessman voice. And only talk like a thug with Daredevil.

Preeti Chhibber: Yeah – so wonderfully two-faced.

Scott Carelli: I think D’Onofrio is going to do that, we’re just not seeing the businessman this early on..

Preeti Chhibber: Yeah. Ooh and I love that we get a quick shot of Rosario Dawson.

Scott Carelli: I’m excited to see what they end up doing with her. She’s playing a version of Night Nurse.

I think it’d be cool if the Night Nurses were like an underground/semi-organized group of people who help superheroes when they get hurt. Like, it’s not just one. There are several. And she’s just one of them. Or maybe even started it.

Preeti Chhibber: I don’t know, I like the idea that it’s her, just so we get at least one major lady of significance beyond the one who needs to get saved. I love the idea that Matt has to go to her to get fixed up and she will tell him what’s what (hopefully).

Scott Carelli: Oh I’m sure that’s going to happen. I’m a tad disappointed that Ben Urich doesn’t get to work for the Daily Bugle because the Sony deal didn’t go through in time. But there’s always season two.

Preeti Chhibber: Ugh yeah, but maybe in the next season he can move to the Bugle? Omg I’d love a JJJ screaming at Urich scene.

Preeti Chhibber: I do love the call out we get to the Avengers at the end. Like “Yes, this is the same universe.” That’s enough for me. I don’t need them showing up. I like just knowing that it exists.

Scott Carelli: Right. It’s the perfect amount. Although, a Spider-Man can show any time because he’s the perfect go between character.

Preeti Chhibber: Oh yes I will not say no to that. Spidey & DD are my fav.

Scott Carelli: Mine too.

Preeti Chhibber: Ok so FINAL VERDICT?

Scott Carelli: MUCH better than the last trailer (which I also liked). I think we got a really good look at what this show is going to be.

Preeti Chhibber: I agree. This has me even more excited to binge watch these 13 episodes on April 10th.

Scott Carelli: I’m so excited. April 10th can’t get here fast enough.

So there you have it, Daredevil fans! What did you think? Let us know in the comments!


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