Convince Me to Read: LONGBOURN

I’m incredibly hesitant about reading brand new books. I get nervous about investing my time in titles that are so new there aren’t usually a ton of reader reviews (which I trust much more than newspaper reviews). Because of that, I’m going to throw out some titles here, on Book Riot, and see what YOU think of them. I’m going to ask you to convince me to read it (or not to read it), below in the comments. Those of you who have read it will get a chance to say what you think, those of you who are hesitant to read it will get to see what other readers think. Only rule: no spoilers please!

Longbourn Jo BakerLongbourn by Jo Baker

This is actually a book that I’ve been tempted to read for two reasons… 1.) A dear friend and I are Austen addicts and thought this would be fun to read together and 2.) Fellow Rioter, Kit Steinkeller, raves about this book. However, with all of the Best Of and Holiday Gift Guides out there throwing massive amounts of I-want-to-reads in my face it’s hard to decide which should get my time during the days of lounging during the holidays. Between cheesy Christmas movies, time with family and friends, and stuffing my face into oblivion, I will need to be pragmatic about the stack of books I have on call.

So, tell me, should I try this one? Is it a poor man’s Pride and Prejudice or does it have merit on its own? Is there more to it than the charming cover?

Why should I (and other readers) read this book?


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