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Comics Fetish: Volume 79

Leah Ly

Staff Writer

Leah can't remember a time when she wasn't a huge nerd, mostly because she was indoctrinated very early. She was raised in a small New Jersey town near NYC by two immigrant parents and an older brother who mostly just tried to keep her occupied with books and screens. Leah has since moved to the DC metro area and is a Valkyrie at Fantom Comics. When she isn't beneath an avalanche of books, she can be found cooking/baking or hanging out with pets and local woodland creatures. Silver Surfer said she was cute once, and her life has never been the same. Blog: An Extraordinary Gift for Hope Twitter: @ohleahdarling

Welcome to Comics Fetish! A weekly post of nerdy things that will make you cry into your wallet.

Captain America: Civil War came out last week, so now you can get have hella fancy Marvel luggage. It’s the super sturdy kind, too.


captain america luggage


Looking to keep your hot beverages warm while you curl up, all nice and cozy? Well, these super, duper cute My Neighbor Totoro mugs come with silicone lids. Also, helpful to keep cat hair out of your tea (I’m JUST saying).

totoro mug with silicone lid

You know that one person that is tangentially in your life and just seems to make things up to seem more interesting? Just wear this and try not to roll your eyes into the back of your skull.

lying cat pin


To remind you of your ultimate fitness inspiration: to have a butt as great as Dick Grayson’s.

nightwing muscle tee


As a Valkyrie, I couldn’t leave out my favorite tote bag designed by our Valkyrie Prime, Kate Leth. Ladies, use this bag to hold your heaping piles of not-comic-books that you spent all your money on and now must carry home and not read because clearly our tiny little lady hands are not built to hold sequential art.

girls don't read comics tote