Children’s Books from Latvia for International Children’s Book Day 2018

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Katisha Smith

Staff Writer

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Annually on April 2nd, the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) hosts International Children’s Book Day to celebrate children’s literature and inspire a love of reading in children around the world. Each year a different National Section of the IBBY sponsors this bookish celebration. This year, Latvia has that honor. Here are a few translated books from Latvia, the host country this year. 

One House for All Book CoverOne House for All by Inese Zandere and Juris Petraškevičs (Illustrator)

Three friends, a horse, a lobster, and a raven, decide to build a house together, but it turns out they have very different ideas of the perfect house.


The Noisy Classroom Book CoverThe Noisy Classroom by Ieva Samauska 

A collection of poems for anyone who has been through school that covers love, friendship, loneliness, hatred, failure, and success.


Queen of the Seagulls Book CoverQueen of Seagulls by Rūta Briede

Renata’s quiet life is disturbed by seagulls she hates. Then, a new neighbor with a fondness for seagulls comes into Renata life.


The Bear and the Mouse Book CoverThe Bear and the Mouse by Darcy Danovsky

Based on a Latvian folktale, learn what happens to a big bear and a little mouse and what they learn about friendship.


The Book of Clouds Book Coverthe book of clouds by Juris Kronbergs and Anete Melece (Illustrator)

Poems about the habits, behavior, and thoughts of clouds that are very similar to human society because what we see in the sky depends on how we see ourselves.




Which Latvian children’s book are you adding to your reading list? Do you have any children’s books from Latvia that you recommend? 

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