In Defense of Pop Culture References In Books

In fact, I don't just not mind when books include pop culture references. I often enjoy them. So why do so many readers hate them?

Identity is Not a Genre

Knowing a book is sapphic doesn't tell you anything about the genre, plot, or tone of the story, because identity is not a genre.

A Ranking of New York City Bookstores

A ranking of New York City bookstores, including language-focused stores, comics stores, gift spots, and more.

Should Goodreads Users Be Able to Review Books before They’re Published?

Before a book comes out, it can be flooded with 5-star GIF-filled reviews or 1-star rants. Should Goodreads allow pre-publication reviews?

Why Romance Characters Need Friends

Why I think romance characters need friends, people who like & support them, whom they can trust to look out for them as their story unfolds.

Do Main Characters Need to be Likable?

Do characters need to be likable in order for us to like them? One reader examines the subjective nature of likability and wha it even means.

Why Book Blogs Still Matter In an Age of BookTok

While TikTok might be the leading bookish social media platform, there's still value for readers and creators in book blogs.

No, Books Should Not Have Content Ratings Like Movies

In recent years, certain groups have demanded a more robust rating system for books, but there are many reasons this would be inequitable.

Why We Need More Thanksgiving Romances

We've got piles of Christmas romance novels taller than evergreen trees, but where are the Thanksgiving romances?

Should Most Self-Help Books Be Pamphlets?

A lot of self-help books could certainly be pamphlets, but should they be? A self-help reader with a fondness for the genre weighs in.