#In Translation

2021 International Booker Prize Longlist Announced

Honoring the finest works of translated fiction from around the world, the International Booker Prize has announced its 2021 longlist.

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A reader contends with her place as an ugly American and a non-adolescent while considering access to translated literature and YA books.

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There’s a whole world of reading out there–why limit yourself to books originally in English? Here are 5 translated novels worth your time, including Where The Wild Ladies Are by Aoko Matsuda, translated by Polly Barton.

20 Must-Read Queer Books in Translation from Around the World

Queer books and books in translation are often difficult to find. To get you started, here are 20 this rioter has read and recommends, including Amatka, written and translated by Karin Tidbeck.

6 Great Audiobooks in Translation

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24 Must-Read 2021 Books in Translation

Grow your TBR and explore literature from around the world with these must-read 2021 books in translation from indie and smaller presses, including Migratory Birds by Mariana Oliver, translated by Julia Sanches.

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13 Great Fall 2020 Books In Translation

Fall 2020 was an astonishingly good season for new books in translation, including The Lying Life of Adults by Elena Ferrante, translated by Ann Goldstein.

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In this Read Harder Challenge post, we're recommending books for the task asking you to read a non-European novel in translation.

A Translation Quiz, It is: YA Edition

Here are some popular YA books that have been published outside the United States, with their foreign titles translated back to English. Can you guess from the context clues which books they are?