Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer


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Are we in the midst of a Gothic literature boom? A reader dives into a recent boom in the subgenre and explores some of its trademark tropes.

Why Do Readers Avoid Horror?

A lot of readers avoid horror thinking it's not for them. But horror comes in all shapes, sizes, and subgenres—you might just be missing out.

THE WAR OF THE WORLDS: The Influence of the Novel and Its Infamous Broadcast

In 1938, a radio broadcast about a Martian invasion caused a panic. It was the infamous broadcast of H.G. Wells's The War of the Worlds.

Why Aren’t There Picture Books for Adults?

Why are there so few picture books for adults, especially that aren't satire? Why is this particular illustrated format reserved for kids?

What is Samhain?

An explanation of Samhain and how it differs from Halloween, with reading suggestions to learn more about this holiday.

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Why are so many books mislabeled on Goodreads? How many books are readers missing out of because of these mis-categorizations?

Why I Stopped Rereading My Problematic Faves

The dangers of returning to books you once loved when you know they're problematic.

Partition Literature: What Is It, Why Should You Care, And Where To Start

What is Partition literature and why you should pick it up — along with some excellent examples to get you started.