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Dee Das

Reality isn't the best place to find a lover, so books are where I go. Angry brown girl who dreams of bettering the world with her two brain cells. English major putting the LIT in Literature. Feminist.

How Does Familial Dysfunctionality Feature In South Asian Fiction?

South Asian literature based on dysfunctional families bridges the distance some of us may feel to the topic of toxicity within families.

Mary Oliver’s Poetry: Reading Her in the Worst of Times

Not knowing how to be useful in a dying world, one reader has looked to Mary Oliver’s poetry for answers and inspiration.

How Does Japanese Literature Portray Tenderness Towards The “Self” And The “Other”?

These everyday stories that ruminate on love, loneliness, and hope beating all odds helped me get through a difficult time.

Dalit Literature: What It Is, Why Should You Read It, and Where to Start

Dalit literature is one of the most important literary phenomena in post-independence India, restoring dignity to a wronged community.

Contemporary Poets Are Demystifying the Poetry Genre

While academia can condition readers to mechanically interpret poems, contemporary poetry adds joy to the reading experience.

20 of the Most Influential Historical Fiction Books Of All Time

The best and most influential historical fiction helps us contextualize the past and illuminates how gender, class, and ethnicity have defined our present.

How Does Asian Historical Fiction Depict the Pain of Women?

How Asian fiction has helped women reclaim historical narratives, putting women's pain into perspective and giving a voice to the silenced.

How Does The Personal Become Political In South Asian Literature?

Personal issues and social ills are intertwined. These novels by South Asian writers show just how connected politics and the personal are.

How Is Immigrant Literature Dismantling White Feminism?

A look at recent immigrant literature and how it works to dismantle white feminism.

10 Books You Should Read If You Enjoyed The Goosebumps Series As A Kid

If you loved the fun and feel of R.L. Stine's books as a kid, you'll love these books like Goosebumps for adults.