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8 Books That Look At Masculinity Through A Refreshing New Lens

Masculinity doesn't have to be toxic. These books reimagine masculinity to encompass empathy and healthy expression of emotion.

8 Translated Works Of Fiction For Children (And Readers Of All Ages)

Translated books are a great way to encounter new perspectives, and these 8 translated children's books are loved by both kids and adults, like Temple Alley Summer By Sachiko Kashiwaba, translated By Avery Fischer Udagawa.

8 of the Best Mysteries and Thrillers About Vengeful Mothers

These mothers, including in The Collective by Alison Gaylin, will stop at nothing to protect or seek revenge for their children. Nothing.

8 Essential Middle Grade Books About Immigrants

These middle grade books about immigrants show that leaving one’s country of birth is hard enough, but bigotry can make it even harder.

A Taste for Murder: 8 Mystery Novels Revolving Around Food

Have the snacks at the ready before you curl up with these mystery novels revolving around food - you're going to need them!

8 Essential Books About The Female Body That Dispel Misconceptions

These books correct misinformation surrounding women's health while also showing what role patriarchy has played in these misconceptions, like Unwell Women: Misdiagnosis and Myth in a Man-Made World By Elinor Cleghorn.

Enough James Bond. Give These Spy Books a Movie.

James Bond has dominated the spy movie genre for decades, but these spy novels, including Who Is Vera Kelly? by Rosalie Knecht, deserve their shot on the big screen.

8 Novels Where Pets Play A Significant Role

These books show not only how animals are smarter than humans give them credit for, but also how they're some of the best companions, like The Guest Cat By Takashi Hiraide (Translated by Eric Selland).

8 Books About Existential Dread By Asian Authors

These thought-provoking books, including Obit by Victoria Chang, inspire readers to accept existential dread as a part of life and not as a guillotine awaiting our arrival.

Parenting Your Parent: 8 Touching Novels About Ailing Parents

Fiction about sick parents teaches patience — not just for the parent in question but also for oneself.