Make this your book club’s next read! Make this your book club’s next read! Make this your book club’s next read!

Dee Das

Reality isn't the best place to find a lover, so books are where I go. Angry brown girl who dreams of bettering the world with her two brain cells. English major putting the LIT in Literature. Feminist.

8 of the Most Empowering Nonfiction Books

If you're dealing with the blues and are in search of hope and encouragement, this list of empowering nonfiction books is for you.

6 Memoirs By Authors of Color to Find Inspiration In

When the going gets tough, read true stories of courage, empowerment, and criticism within these inspiring memoirs by authors of color.

5 Non-Spiritual Self-Help Books To Help Sail Through Trying Times

From relationship advice to tips for cutting down on screen time, there’s a non-spiritual self-help book for everyone, including The Body Is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love By Sonya Renee Taylor.

5 Contemporary Literary Fiction Books That Are Game-Changers

If you want to do some serious reading to reflect on humanity and its many aspects, these 5 contemporary literary fiction books are for you, including A Burning By Megha Majumdar.

6 Historical Fiction Books Featuring South Asia That You Need To Read

Get to know South Asia of yore through some excellent historical fiction reads, including Babu Bangladesh! By Numair Atif Choudhury.

6 Insightful Books About Addiction

These powerful, personal, and hopeful books about addiction cover a gamut of experiences with alcohol and drug addiction.

5 Translated Works Of Fiction About Life And Culture That You Need To Read Right Away

There’s a whole world of reading out there–why limit yourself to books originally in English? Here are 5 translated novels worth your time, including Where The Wild Ladies Are by Aoko Matsuda, translated by Polly Barton.

6 Books By Pisces Authors You Need To Read To Celebrate Pisces Season

We're in Pisces season, which means it's time to channel your creativity! These 6 books by Pisces authors can help.

6 Books To Help You Understand Your South Asian Heritage

If you’re tired of the reductive labels assigned to South Asian literature and want to better understand your heritage, this list is for you, including Difficult Daughters By Manju Kapur.

7 Books About Death and Dying for Comfort During Tough Times

Whether you’re grieving a loved one or dreading the inevitable, these books about death and dying are here to offer comfort, including Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes.