7 Books With Stuffed Animals To Cheer Up Your Little Ones This Holiday Season

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Holiday season just doesn’t feel the same, and it’s okay to miss the feeling of being with your loved ones. But safety comes first, so this year we’ll be spreading our love from afar and making sure that those we love are all safe and happy and healthy. It’s still important to stay in the holiday spirit, especially when you have little ones around. So this year, spread your love by sending your favourite little humans the cutest books with stuffed animals that they can play with again and again.

Dragons Love Tacos Book And Toy Set by Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri

Who doesn’t love tacos? As one of the greatest comfort foods of all time, I’m not surprised the love for tacos isn’t limited to just humans. This book comes with the cutest dragon plushie to bring any kid’s taco-loving dragon dreams to life, and it’s small enough to be travel sized!

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Skippyjon Jones Book and Toy Set by Judy Schachner

Travel to Old Mexico with Skippyjon, who will become your new favourite Siamese Kitty. Skippyjon’s adventures and antics will have you laughing out loud. The included plush brings the big-eared adorable kitty to life and will become any child’s new best friend.

Good Night Monster gift set image from amazon

Good Night Monster Gift Set by Ruth Austin and Katie Harnett

While most books with stuffed animals are meant to scare the monsters away and come in cute pet form, this one is the monster itself. But Monster acts like a guardian throughout the story and is perfect for any child struggling with nighttime fears. The combination of the story and the stuffed toy works great because Monster can keep watch at night over their new friend when story time is over

The Crayons: A Set Of Books And Finger Puppets by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers

This adorable set complete with finger puppets makes a colourful addition to any child’s holiday activity list. Young children love how the crayons allow them to play with colours on their finger tips—literally!— and the illustrations keep the story fun and interactive. Which colour do you think will be their favourite?

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Good Night, Teddy by Francesca Ferri

Francesca Ferri’s Good Night Teddy is the perfect sleep companion because the soft play book means there’s no concerns about getting hurt by hard edges or binding. Teddy can be removed from the book and each page has a separate pouch for teddy to become a part of each activity. Teddy and their new friend can carry out each activity together, whether it be bath time, meal time, or bed time.

cover image of Auntie and Me

Auntie And Me by Karen Katz

Karen Katz is known for her beautiful and inclusive children’s story lines and Auntie and Me has to be one of the best ones for babies and toddlers. The interactive book may not have a stuffed animal to to hug, but I think it makes the cut because of loving auntie it features who offers lots of hugs instead. The lift-the-flap features also allow young readers to enjoy Auntie’s surprises for hours and aunties can always join in the fun over zoom this year. No distance can separate that bond. This holiday season, even if you can’t visit, make sure your favourite nieces and nephews know you’ll always be there and in their hearts.

Walter The Farting Dog Book and Toy by William Kotzwinkle and Glen Murray

Walter is a fun, loving dog who just wants a friend. The only problem? He has a bit of a problem that’s sure to leave little ones rolling over laughing. Walter’s plushie comes with the same problem, and makes ‘farting’ noises when squished which will definitely keep young readers entertained for hours and hours. Walter is the perfect example of how interactive stuffed toys can be and how important they are for little readers just starting out to really help them connect with the stories

For young readers, having something to interact with is so important to their development, and with isolation being a major concern for so many parents, these books with stuffed animals may be just what they need. If you want to go the extra mile, why not try personalising books for that extra special touch?