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Riot Headline School District Tells Teachers to Balance Books On Holocaust With “Opposing” Views

Book Riot Crossword: The Answers

So, how did you do on last week’s crossword? In case, you couldn’t dig up some of the answers, here’s the full key. If you have any ideas or suggestions for future bookish crossword themes, let us know (community (at)



3) Reason Ron Weasley nearly died (SPITE)
7) Retro YA Throwdown Winnter (PIKE)
9) Luhrmann’s Carraway (MAGUIRE)
10) Founder of the first daily paper in the US (WEBSTER)
11) Best word ever (at least for late October) (AGROOF)
12) DFW’s magnum opus (INFINITEJEST)
15) Pet of choice for the bookish (CAT)
16) Problem with reading inside of a dog, according to Marx (DARKNESS)
18) Person of interest on 11/22/63 (OSWALD)
19) Authors Cory or E.L. (DOCTOROW)
22) GoodReads competitor (LIBRARYTHING)
24) Converse of Slaughterhouse 90210 (BEVERLYHILLSFIVE)
29) TBR, to book nerds (TOBEREAD)
31) Future home of Franzen’s THE CORRECTIONS (HBO)
35) Before JURASSIC PARK, he created AMAZON (CRICHTON)
36) Literary writer:genre writer::intellectual:____________ (PORNSTAR)
37) B&N’s e-reader (NOOK)


1) Fragmented expression (BRACHYLOGIA)

4) Jobs’ Boswell (ISAACSON)
5) An unattractive person, on The Jersey Shore (GRENADE)
6) Cliffsnotes competitor (SPARKNOTES)
8) JD’s Holden (CAULFIELD)
13) 2011 Nobel Laureate Transtromer (TRANS)
14) Cook with a new line of books (BOURDAIN)
17) A Halloween idea for Humbert (SANTA)
20) Portis character played by Wayne and Bridges (COGBURN)
21) Le Carre, to his mother (DAVID)
23) Sport subject of Harbach’s debut (BASEBALL)
25) Murakami’s English translator (RUBIN)
26) Evelyn Waugh, to his wife (HEVELYN)
27) Sylvia’s THE BELL JAR pseudonym (VICTORIA)
28) Number of Amazon wins in Beat the Algorithm (ZERO)
30) Number Judith Jones cooks for (ONE)
33) Orlean’s best friend (RINTINTIN)
34) Don’t judge a book by this (ITSCOVER)

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