8 of the Best Word Search Games

Ashlie Swicker


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I’m new to the world of the best word search games. I first started playing mobile apps during quarantine. Before the lockdowns, I had certainly experienced idle time, but never quite so much as I did in April 2020. People I knew played farming simulators and Candy Crush, but I found myself drawn to puzzles. I left the stress of a pandemic behind as I matched colorful dots, found hidden pictures, and dove into word puzzles. Most free games include some time watching ads, and while slightly irritating, I also developed a list of other games I might want to try. My little cache of numbing time fillers grew, and even though my life is busier now, I still turn to mobile games and puzzles daily.

There are numerous reasons why people download word search games. There are people trying to spend less time scrolling their social media feeds. Other people find comfort in language based pursuits and prefer finding words to getting fish to eat each other. Still others recognize that all puzzle games can sharpen your brain while they pass the time. Below I’ve gathered eight of the best word search games available right now. Whatever your reason for playing, I’m sure you’ll find something that catches your eye.

8 of The Best Word Search Games to Play Right Now

1. Word Search Pro

This pleasing app is a great place to start when searching for the best word search games. Available for Apple or Android users, Word Search Pro offers varying levels of difficulty, and hints for when the frustration point is reached. A simple finger swipe allows you to find and highlight the hidden word. In app purchases are offered, but the game can readily be enjoyed without them.

Image showing sample game screens from the Word Search Pro app

2. WordsSoup Word Search Puzzle

Reviewers praise this game for two main things — a complete lack of ads, and a welcome level of challenge. User settings allow you to change the interface and enable a timer. You can also chose between different themes and difficulty levels. With no in-app purchases, this could be a great choice for younger users!

images showing the game play of the WordsSoup puzzle app

3. Word Crush-Fun Puzzle Game

Word Crush lands among the best word search games for it’s fresh and exciting interface. Departing from the classic grid style, Word Crush has you searching in stacks of letters for words that fit a theme. Game play earns coins that can give you hints, and a leaderboard allows you to compete with players around the world.

image showing game play screens from the Word Crush Fun Puzzle Game app

4. Word Crush: Hidden Words!

Similar to its comptemporaries above, Word Crush: Hidden Words has you searching for every word you can possibly find in a grid. Letters can be used over and over in any direction, making the list of possible words longer than such a small grid would suggest. I included this version because its aesthetic is so different than many of the word games available, making it a definite draw for some.

images showing game play from the word crush hidden words app

5. Word Stacks

Bringing a Candy Crush type of flair to the word search world, Word Stacks asks you to find hidden words and make those blocks disappear. This leads to shrinking stacks and improved scores. Use this game for solo fun or up the ante by trying to climb the leaderboard with tournament play.

images showing game play from the word stacks game app

6. Scrolling Words

Imagine a word search where the words never stood still. Scrolling Words asks you to search for words within a sea of letters that is constantly moving across the screen. Difficulty can be adjusted by changing the speed or utilizing a timer. Your eyes will surely get tired, but the themes and scenery can be switched to give the whole game a refresh.

image showing game play from the scrolling words game app

7. Words Crush: Word Puzzle Game

Words Crush offers six different play modes to tease and challenge your brain. Imagery plays a big role in this game, using silhouettes instead of word lists, or asking you to figure out phrases based on emojis. A fun departure from typical word search fare, Word Search is another that might suit younger players, or anyone looking for some playfulness in their game.

images showing the game play in the words crush puzzle game app

8. Wordscapes Search

Let’s finish this list off with a classic. Wordscapes Search is a no-frills, no-stress, basic word search app. So why does it belong with the best word search games? This happens to be the word search game I personally play, and I turn to it in moments of decision fatigue. There are no settings to tamper with or timers to psyche you out- just a list of words. And you find them. Isn’t that what we’re here for?

images showing the game play for the wordscapes search app

Hopefully you’ve sound something in this list of best word search games to keep you occupied in those idle moments. Looking for more free word games? Check out this list of free apps like Wordle.

Happy searching!