The Best Romantasy Audiobooks to Sweep You Away

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Katie Moench


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If reading is a way to get whisked away to a whole new world, reading via audiobook allows you to dive even deeper into an author’s imagination. With advances in recording technology, audiobooks can incorporate music, sound effects, and talented voice actors to build an atmosphere of total immersion for the reader. Frequent readers of audiobooks find that in addition to favorite authors, they also develop a love of certain narrators, giving them a whole new way to find new titles they’ll enjoy.

With the popularity of romantasy as a subgenre, audiobook listeners who love a good fantasy-romance have plenty of great options to choose from when it comes to their earbuds. Whether you like the dragons of Fourth Wing, the dark werewolf/witch romance of Wolf Gone Wild, or the humor of Kimberly Lemming’s demons series, the best romantasy audiobooks will bring magical romance to life as you read. Some of them feature voice actors known for their incredible scope of work, while others have multiple narrators that allow readers to experience the interplay between characters. Many of the books below also feature background music and sound effects to help bring the world of the book to life.

fourth wing audio book cover

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros, Narrated by Rebecca Soler and Teddy Hamilton

If you haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon for this smash romantasy hit, or you just want to try it in a different format, check out the Fourth Wing audiobook. Narrators Soler and Hamilton combine voices to bring the humans — and dragons — of Rebecca Yarros’ magical world alive.

promise of fire audio book cover

A Promise of Fire (The Kingmaker Chronicles, Book 1) by Amanda Bouchet, Narrated by Mia Barron

Catalia “Cat” Fisa is a clairvoyant captured by Griffin, an ambitious warlord who wants Cat as a weapon to help control his newly conquered kingdom. As Cat wars against her captor and the magic within her, Griffin finds himself increasingly attracted to her. Barron’s narration highlights both the intense action of this novel and the attraction between the two main characters.

violet made of thorns audio book cover

Violet Made of Thorns by Gina Chen, Narrated by Emily Woo Zeller

Emily Woo Zeller is a talented, well-known voice actor and audiobook narrator, and she brings her skills to Violet’s story. A prophet who’s accustomed to lying, Violet is asked by the king to falsify the romantic fate of his son, Cyrus. When Violet makes her prediction, however, she awakens an ancient curse that endangers both the kingdom and her growing feelings for Cyrus.

that time i got drunk and saved a demon audio book cover

That Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Demon by Kimberly Lemming, Narrated by Hazel Addison

If you like humor with your romantasy stories, definitely cue up this book on your earbuds. Spice trader Cinnamon is leading a quiet life when she saves Fallon, a wine-drunk demon who, far from being the oafish beast she expected, is rather attractive. However, Fallon has decided to kill an evil witch and is bringing the usually sedate Cinnamon along for the ride in this hilarious and fantastical tale. Hazel Addison’s narration lets the humor of the main characters shine while also giving voice to the non-human characters in the book.

wolf gone wild audio book cover

Wolf Gone Wild (Stay a Spell, Book 1) by Juliette Cross, Narrated by Johanna Fairview and Aiden Snow

If you’re looking for forbidden love narrated by two skilled voice actors, listen to this book. Mateo Cruz is a werewolf who’s been stuck in human form and therefore stuck with violent wolf thoughts in his head. ​Evie Savoie is a witch who knows that “no werewolves” is one of the rules of her coven. But when Mateo storms into Evie’s bar, it kicks off a paranormal romance between the two that will break all their rules.

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