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5 of the Best of the Queer D&D Actual Plays

Mara Franzen

Staff Writer

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Dungeons and Dragons is truly one of my favorite things in the whole world. I write about it, I play it, I do my best to convince other people to give it a try, and I watch and listen to so many queer D&D actual plays.

Actual plays are pretty much exactly the way they sound. People are actually playing D&D and put it out in the world for people to consume. This is often in the form of Twitch streams or as a podcast, but there are a whole lot of formats for the consumption of actual plays. And, once you find a good one, you usually are able to find a lot more. One of the cool things about actual plays is that the creators often work on multiple projects. Soon you just might be watching more actual plays than regular TV. That is not a bad way to live, let me tell you.

Now full disclosure, I play in and DM on a TTRPG (table top role playing game) queer actual play called StarlightTales. Because I’m known in the industry, it would be disingenuous to not name that fact going in. I have not let that decide which actual plays made the cut for this list. I wholeheartedly believe that the ones I’m about to tell you about are some of the absolute best queer actual plays out there right now.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the most wonderful, most well-produced, and most queer D&D actual plays out there! And trust me, some of these you won’t want to miss.


PixelCircus is a Twitch channel that features a whole lot of gaming content, including Dungeons and Dragons. The channel loves bringing on guest stars and playing in fun and exciting settings.

Primarily a stream, you can still catch up on old episodes on their Youtube channel by the same name. In addition to D&D, they stream some other TTRPGs like Call of Cthulhu. With all the channel has to offer, you can start just about anywhere, though I highly recommend The Borros Saga: Banesbreak.

What sets this channel apart is the energy and overall good vibes the players put forth. Everything is pastel, has cute names, and just feels welcoming. They also tell some really remarkable stories that will stick in your head.

Queens of Adventure

Queens of Adventure is just what it sounds like: drag queens playing Dungeons and Dragons. Based out of Seattle, Queens of Adventure started as a live performance. Now, there’s a lot to love in their podcast episodes. And if you ever find yourself in Seattle, I’d highly recommend checking for when their next live show is.

This actual play is hilarious, heartfelt, and so so gay. You can start at episode one, or hop in on episode 10, if you’re looking for more of that podcast feel. There are nearly 70 episodes out now, with more on the horizon.

This actual play seriously has a little bit of everything and is a great place to start if you’ve never listened to an actual play podcast before. Trust me, this one will hold your attention, and you’ll be thinking about the iconic characters long after you stop listening.

Transplanar rpg

Transplanar RPG is an all trans actual play that’s available as a stream, on Youtube, and in the podcast format. Their first campaign, The Second Stranger, recently ended. Luckily for you all, by the time you’re reading this, their second campaign will have just begun.

Now is the perfect time to get into this lovely trans actual play that is some of the best D&D playing there is.

Transplanar RPG’s first campaign was a dark fantasy-inspired campaign with some truly incredible characters and worldbuilding. The upcoming campaign promises to bring back the incredible character and world designs, but with a whole new flavor.

Dimension 20

This is a classic when it comes to D&D actual plays. Dimension 20 is featured on Dropout TV, which originated from CollegeHumor. Each season features various queer cast members, characters, and themes.

What’s great about this one, is that it’s so big, and has been running for a few years so there are lots of campaigns to explore. You can listen to it as a podcast in most places, watch some of the campaigns free on Youtube, or watch all the campaigns, side quests, and cast interviews on Dropout.

If you’re brand new, I’d recommend starting off with Fantasy High, and Escape from Bloodkeep. Both are hilarious and flip a lot of classic fantasy tropes on their head. They are also constantly coming out with more campaigns, with some incredibly talented special guests, so there’s not really a wrong way to go.

Fables Around The Table

Not strictly a D&D Actual Play, Fables Around the Table is all about exploring different RPGs. Each season has a new cast, playing a new system, often in a new world.

The shorter campaigns allow you to find some really incredible games and keep everything feeling fresh. Available as a podcast, the episodes are usually under two hours, making it perfect for listening to throughout the day while commuting or doing chores.

What makes this one special is that each campaign’s theme, tone, and genre can change wildly, so there’s always something to love. You can start just about anywhere with this one, and go where your heart tells you.

Are these all of the queer D&D actual plays out there? Absolutely not. More get started all the time, and there’s lots to love in this corner of the internet.