Always books. Never boring.

Book trailers have become part of the reading world–a growing part. Not only are there more of them, but they are also getting more interesting and more diverse.

The problem has been…where do you find them? If you knew which book you were looking for, you could search a video channel. Otherwise, random tweets and occasional links to trailers were around, but there was no sense that you were seeing what was out there.

So we did something about it. Today, we are excited to announce a new site dedicated to collecting the best and most interesting book trailers all in one place:

Browse, search, and watch trailers about books of all genres.

Looking for something mind-bending? We’ve got that.

How about something funny? Got that too.

How about some adventure? Not a problem.

Or maybe something quietly lovely? Here you go.

We’re going to be adding new trailers often, so keep checking back. We have dedicated Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds just for to make it easy for you to keep up with what’s new.

And if you know of a cool trailer, please let us know–we’re always on the lookout.