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5 Most Popular Books of the Month: January 2016

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Amanda Nelson

Staff Writer

Amanda Nelson is an Executive Director of Book Riot. She lives in Richmond, VA.

We love to geek out with stats, and what could be better than using them to see which books Book Riot readers were most interested in? Below are the five most-purchased titles from the previous month.

how to win friends and influence people1. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

“This book has helped me get jobs, keep amazing friends who actually want me around, and build a stronger social network overall. I also communicate better in my marriage (though I’m still always working on that). I’ve used the principles in many different ways to improve my life; thanks to this book, I think I’m actually better at communicating than some neurotypical people I know.” –Susie Rodarme, I Have Aspergers and This Book Changed My Life



Headstrong2Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science—And the World by Rachel Swaby

“The subtitle says it all; this book highlights some brilliant and innovative women who you may not have heard of, despite their major contributions to the scientific community. You can learn about a scientist for every week of the year!” –Emma Nichols, 5 Books To Read All Year





Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown 3. Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown

“I DO love that her attitude is very Take Care Of Your Shit, Be It A Car Or A Purse Or A Relationship, You Are Not A Toddler. Learn how to sew on a button! Learn how to make a proper apology! Adult things.” –Raych Krueger, How To Grown Up: Books That Will Teach You To Be an Adult





100 Years of the Best American Short Stories Lorrie Moore Heidi Pitlor4100 Years of the Best American Short Stories ed. Lorrie Moore & Heidi Pitlor

“I’m guessing some of you received this gorgeous new anthology over the holidays; it’s the perfect gift, in my totally unbiased short-story-loving opinion, collecting the best of the best in the last 100 years (at least according to Lorrie Moore, Heidi Moore, and the previous editors at Best American—and they have pretty good taste). Whether you’re into realism or fantasy, contemporary or classics, there’s is a story in here for everyone.” –Emma Nichols, 5 Books To Read All Year



getting things done by david allen5. Getting Things Done by David Allen

“The new edition takes into account the digital workplace and the abundance of apps, programs, and tools that are out there. But my favorite things about Allen’s advice still holds true. He’s not trying to tell you the one perfect way to work; he’s giving you the principles for how to find your own best workflow.” –Jenn Northington, Show Me Your Planners: Our Favorite Books and Tools for Productivity