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2022 Bookish Calendars for the Readers on Your Holiday List

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Looking for a gift for a bookish friend? Or perhaps you need one for yourself. Consider getting a bookish calendar to help get 2022 off to a good start. After all, bibliophiles never tire of readerly inspiration! And there is so much literature out there to inspire, which contemporary calendar-makers have taken note of.

As the days march ever onward, it's nice to have a quote to ponder or a story to follow. It might also be nice to have a way to keep track of books recently read or to be read. I've curated a diverse selection of styles for you to peruse.

There are tons of amazing bookish calendars out there for every kind of book nerd. Perhaps you're looking for something with passages, poems, or pretty pictures. Maybe specific authors or literary periods are more your style. Or it might be that a little bit of cute is at the top of your list.

As luck would have it, there are some stunning bookish calendars out there. Whether it's a wall calendar, a desk calendar, or even a daily tear-off calendar you're after, rest assured that you have some great options to choose from.

Whatever you're seeking, this list can point you in the right direction.

Wall Calendars

2022 Beloved Stranger calendar

What book lover doesn't want a calendar they can read along with? This Beloved Stranger calendar ($25) is stunningly illustrated with colorful artwork. To read the fables that accompany each month's image, you simply follow the artist's blog.

2022 Little Women calendar

Each month of this Little Women calendar ($25–34 depending on size) delivers a hand-drawn illustration of a character or quote from Louisa May Alcott's well-loved novel.

2022 Dickinson and Frost Poetry Calendar

This hand-illustrated poetry calendar ($12) features lines from Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost accompanied by beautiful pen-and-ink drawings.

2022 Book Club Calendar

Looking for a calendar to help you keep track of your reading? This book club wall calendar ($15) may not have fancy illustrations, but it has great space for you to keep track of reading time, pages read, ratings, and other notes for your book club meetings (or personal records).

2022 Book Title Poetry Calendar

This book title poetry calendar ($24) features photographs of thoughtfully organized books that tell a story of their own when you read their titles in order. (If you want to size up, there's a larger size available for just a few dollars more.)

2022 Blooms and Bones Calendar

If you're looking for a little poetry and some unique artwork, check out this Blooms and Bones calendar ($30). Featuring quotes from classic poetry alongside "lavish anatomical and botanical details" (hence the calendar's name), it's a striking calendar.

2022 Matlock the Hare Calendar with Bonus Lunar Calendar

Whether or not you're familiar with Matlock the Hare, the lush illustrations in this Matlock the Hare calendar ($22) will have you dreaming of the fantastical realm of Winchett Dale. As an added bonus, it comes with a beautiful moon phase calendar.

Desktop Calendars

2022 Women Writers Desktop Calendar

The black, white, and red graphics in this Women Writers desktop calendar ($12) are striking. Accompanied by quotes from the likes of Zora Neale Hurston, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and Mary Shelley (to name just three), it'll be a captivating centerpiece on any desk.

2022 Day to Day Shakespeare Calendar

This clever little day-to-day Shakespeare calendar ($22) delivers a quote from the Bard for every day of the year. Just for funsies, passages from the plays, poems, and sonnets are presented in a Q&A format.

2022 Animal Art Bookmark Calendar

Looking for an affordable calendar for the book-lover in your life? This set of bookmark calendars ($5 digital download) features beautiful a watercolor animal for each month to help readers keep track of the days as well as their pages.

2022 Postcard Calendar with Literary Quotes

No matter how cluttered your desk gets, this calendar will freshen it up. Boasting cheery colors, short literary quotes, and clean lines for every month of the year, this postcard calendar ($15) is a real treat!

2022 Jane Austen Desktop Calendar

For fans of Jane Austen, this lovely little watercolor sketchbook desk calendar ($27) will entice you with its quality artwork and short quotes from Austen's best-known works.

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