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25+ Gorgeous Gifts for Book Lovers

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With the holidays coming up fast, I'm sure you're aware that it is time to start checking off that gift list you've been slowly adding to throughout the year. Or perhaps you've been completely ignoring your gift list for the past 11 months. (No judgement — same.) Either way, thoughtful gift giving is a wonderful way to show someone that you care for them. If you have a bookish someone in your life, then let me give you a few ideas of gifts for book lovers.

While many times people assume that readers would simply like books for Christmas, let us pause right there. Books as gifts are not the only way to go. There are actually a variety of gift options that move beyond spines and pages. Think about the bibliophiles in your life: some readers expertly flaunt their love of reading through posting Bookstagram content. They may appreciate props with the right aesthetic. Others might desire something practical, like delicious tea or a cozy blanket with a bookish bent. Or maybe you need advice on gifts for book lovers who want all who enter their house to immediately recognize their love of books.

Whatever your bookish person's interests, let's start tackling that gift list! Here are over 25 of the best gifts for book lovers.

Gifts for Book Lovers on the Go

Letters "TBR" written in blue.

Tailored Book Recommendations Subscription, $16+

Some days there just isn't enough time to research what book to read next. Sound like the reader in your life? Gift them a subscription for fantastically personalized reading recommendations.

White water bottle with person drinking a hot beverage and reading a book.

Water Bottle, $27

If you're buying for someone who can never catch a break, here's a gorgeous water bottle to keep them hydrated! (And to keep them representing the bookish world at the same time!)

Kindle cases fashioned like real books on shelf

Kindle Case, $45

Even though physical books can be gorgeous (and definitely a vibe), they can start to feel pretty heavy when lugged around all day. Dress a Kindle in a bookish cover for the best of both worlds.

Gift for book lover: Gray backpack with butterflies, crows, and a skull embroidered on it with the text, "no mourners no funerals."

Backpack, $49

Make things in life easier to carry with a Six of Crows embroidered backpack!

Gifts for Cozy Readers

Black and white blanket with text from the book Frankenstein.

Blanket, $38

Wrapping oneself in a warm, fuzzy fleece blanket is step one in preparing for the comfiest of nights. Even better: grabbing a book to read and wrapping oneself in a literary themed blanket!

Stickers, book mark, and postcard featuring illustrated people reading

Postcard, Book Mark, and Stickers, $10

Can you often find the bookish person in your life curled up on the couch, reading their way through a stack of library books or penning long, well-crafted letters? Then count this bookish stationary set as one of the gifts to buy for them!

White sweatshirt with black and white library date due stamps.

Sweatshirt, $24

Is it really a relaxing time if folks aren't wearing a soft sweatshirt? This library stamp themed sweatshirt is both bookish and comfy, perfect for anyone looking to snuggle down and get reading!

Four tins of multicolored loose leaf tea mixes.

Bookish Tea, $26

Literary themed teas are such classic and tasty gifts for book lovers! Sarah J. Maas and Stephanie Meyer fans will be delighted to taste these loose leaf teas. Choose from a selection of literary character or location themed flavors.

Gifts for book lovers: Blue fuzzy socks with the words, "just one more chapter."

Socks, $10

A soft pair of socks are an undeniably important part of a cozy reader's outfit.

Gifts for Well-Dressed Readers

Five pairs of earrings decorated with multicolored books and plants.

Earrings, $14

Each of these colorful earrings are made with polymer clay and come in a variety of styles. Whether dangle earrings or studs are your bookish person's thing, there's likely something for them!

Silver and black cufflinks with dragons on them.

Cufflinks, $41

Have a Game of Thrones fan on your hands? Perhaps they'd appreciate a unique pair of cufflinks as a reference to their favorite show.

Small yellow accessory pouch with girl sitting and reading.

Accessory Pouch, $18

The right accessory can add so much to an outfit. Gift this lovely, vibrant pouch to the bookish person in your life!

A white scrunchie is decorated with black text.

Scrunchie, $7

A scrunchie is an adorable and inexpensive gift for book lovers who want just a subtle touch of the literary added to their outfit.

Navy blue tie with white silhouette of man smoking a pipe.

Sherlock Tie, $28

Dress to impress in a tie that is elementary, my dear Watson! This Sherlock Holmes–themed tie is simple but brimming with character.

Gifts for Bookstagrammers

Gift for book lover: White candle in glass container with a cork top

Bookish Candle, $6

If the reader in your life likes to use simple props to arrange their books into a cozy scene, then there are never too many candles! Plus: this $6 hand poured candle is "antique books" scented and has an adorable cork top.

Photo of pink, artificial silk peony blooms in a glass vase.

Artificial Flowers, $10

Depending on the season and geographical location (and many other factors), having access to fresh flowers is not always a possibility. Beautiful blooms can make all the difference in photos, though! So why not purchase colorful, reusable artificial flowers?

Aged white wood panel held up by two hands.

Wood Photography Backdrop, $25

If the reader you're shopping for doesn't love their counter, desk, or bed space for photos, consider buying a very convincing portable backdrop. Backdrops often are made out of wood, marble, or other artificial materials.

Gifts for Bookish Social Butterflies

A fork, and two cloth napkins decorated with library date due stamps.

Cloth Napkins, $34

If the person you're shopping for absolutely adores hosting people, here's one of the gifts for book lovers that you might just find undeniable: cloth napkins that are library themed.

Blue board game box with illustrations of scowling Pride and Prejudice characters.

Pride and Prejudice Card Game, $27

Jane Austen is an incredibly popular author. It should come as no surprise that there are witty games out there for those brave enough to enter regency England! The game "Marrying Mr. Darcy" requires an appreciation for satire as well as strategy. It's sure to spice up any game night!

Rocks glass with a typewriter printed on it, and orange bitters and aromatic bitters containers.

Cocktail Set, $35

Choose the literary rocks glass you think the reader in your life will appreciate most! The cocktail set also includes a swizzle stick and bitters.

White stone coasters decorated with six books drawn in black.

Coasters, $22

When the drinks start flowing at a party, sometimes the host can run low on coasters. Why not give them bookish coasters to add to their supply (and add joy to their life)?

Gifts For Book Lovers With A Taste For Design

Gift for book lover: Two golden duck book ends on either side of a dark brown vintage book.

Bookends, $22

Classy bookends can complete any room. These golden ducks can also make it possible to have more book storage space on top of desks or bookshelves if there's no more room left on the shelves themselves!

Painting of Maya Angelou laughing

Maya Angelou Art Print, $10+

If the reader in your life is an enormous fan of a particular author — and they have room on their walls — consider purchasing a gorgeous print of said author. In my opinion, this piece of Maya Angelou would look incredible on display. (This particular piece comes in various dimensions.)

A planter with a tack of three white wooden books, with a plant emerging from the center.

Planter, $50

Are the succulents and spider plants taking over? Running out of pots? A bookish planter might be just what is needed as a gift!

Gifts For The Tiniest Readers

White baby onesie with the words "read to me" and an adult owl reading to two baby owls.

Baby Bodysuit $28

The love of reading can start early, so you may as well help the littlest reader in your life dress the part!

Gift for book lover: cloth book made out of felt and cotton, with sewn mushrooms and bugs.

Soft Book, $89

If the person you're giving a gift to just happens to be too young to handle the delicate pages of a paper book, then gift them a soft sensory book made with cotton and felt.

Teal baby socks that say in print, "Author. Title. Date Due. 1979. 1981."

Baby Socks, $12

Keep those tiny toes warm in bright library card socks!

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