3 Great 2021 YA Books About Witches to TBR

Happy almost Halloween, readers! Here at Book Riot, we really lean into the season and we love talking about books about witches. We’ve covered a lot of great YA books about witches that you definitely should read this week (and beyond!), but today I want to take a moment to highlight three amazing witchy YA novels that should be on your radar for 2021, if they aren’t already! I have a feeling that next year is going to be a banner year for witchy YA, so it’s the perfect time to get a jumpstart on your wishlist!

Sweet and Bitter Magic by Adrienne Tooley

In this fantasy, Tamsin and Wren live in a queendom beset by a magical plague. Tamsin is a witch, but she’s cursed with the inability to love after committing a magical sin, so she must resort to stealing it. Wren is a source, someone who possesses magic but cannot wield it. The two make a bargain: If Tamsin can find the witch responsible for the plague, then Wren will allow her to steal her love for her father, who is sick and dying. But the two don’t exactly count on falling in love. Let me just state for the record that I am so here for all the sapphic witchy stories!

Witches Steeped in Gold by Ciannon Smart

Iraya and Jazmyne are witches and sworn enemies—Iraya has lived most of her life in a prison cell, while Jazmyne is a princess who fears following in her sister’s footsteps. But when they decide to team up to take down a powerful common enemy, they find their lives and their fates hopelessly tangled as they fight for what they want, and for the power to live their own lives. This looks like a really fast-paced and breathless adventure, and I am in love with this dark and glittering cover!

Blood Like Magic by Liselle Sambury

For everyone who loves a good urban fantasy, check out this book about Voya Thomas, a witch who is expected to undergo a Calling, AKA a trial to fully come into her powers as a witch. Voya is shocked when she fails, but she’s even more surprised when she’s given a second challenge and a second chance at passing the test: She must kill her first love. Only this time, the stakes are higher because if she fails, her entire family will lose their powers. Voya is determined to succeed, no matter how distasteful she might find the task, but first she has to fall in love!

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